The ALDC's worst blow ups so far

Hoo BOY. Despite the building tension, watching Holly finally erupt still came as a bit of a shock. We'd even go so far as say that was one of the worst blow outs we've seen on Dance Moms' so far. (I'm going to put that out there and leave it right here; feel free to disagree on Facebook or Twitter).

Of course, backing that up by actually listing the ALDC's worst blow-ups to date is no easy feat. There are just. So. Many. But because I wanted to spend an afternoon revelling in dramatic YouTube clips, it's going to happen anyway. Here goes.

Minister Dawn

It was only the first episode and immediately we were introduced to clenched buttocks storming their way through the ALDC as Minister Dawn set the tone for what was to come over the next five seasons. Worth mentioning if only for the “Let's play the Bible game, Abby!” quote. I still don't know what that is.



Kendall's ‘Two Dollar' Bow

Never has accessorising been such a point of controversy as it was in season two when Jill put a bow in Kendall's hair meant for a costume for a routine she hadn't yet been picked for. Abby found this presumptuous; Jill turned this into an accusation of theft. Chaos ensued.

Melissa and Christi's fight

Things got particularly bad when a standard row about favouritism descended into Christi accusing Melissa of having an affair with her married boss… In front of Mackenzie, who ran off in tears. Ouch.


Christy vs. Tami

At some points in this fight, it was hard to know what it was about and who was involved due to the sheer amount of weave pulling that was going on from all directions. At one point, a random bodybuilder stepped in and that still didn't stop things, or the wall display getting knocked down. Abby alone kept a cool head, filming it on her smartphone.

Stealing the Show

Christi reached her limit early on in season one when Maddie was awarded an extra solo. Screaming at Abby and Melissa in front of the girls, she quickly reduced Maddie and Mackenzie to tears.


The Big, Not So, Easy

A fitting name for the booze-induced brawl between Leslie and Christi in New Orleans. Christi throwing her drink then quickly running away as Leslie started furiously windmilling her fists, almost balling straight through the kind passer by who jumped in to stop it, was not a scene to be missed.


Kelly gets physical

Number one goes to someone other than Christi because at this point, it's only fair the other moms get a look in too. The ultimate and most shocking moment to date that is still impacting on this season (hello lawsuit) is the now infamous physical fight between Kelly and Abby. Hair pulling, smacking and some weird chewing action from Abby, and Kelly left Dance Moms for good.