The Best Mini Moments

Sitting down to watch a Ziegler-less Dance Moms, you could be forgiven for feeling a nervous twang. Who could know what that would be like? Well, we have had our answer and that is that everything is going to be okay, because now we have the Mini team and they more than brought it in season six. Unconvinced? Let's recap.

The ‘New Maddie' Fight

Before the jackets comes the ‘whose child is going to be the best?' fight and the mini moms' version practically preceded their arrival at the beginning of this season. It even came with a crown. Tiffanie took the lead, accusing the other moms of getting drunk (which leads us to think she doesn't watch the show); Sara then got in her face, yelling at Tiffanie to get out of her face. Logical? No, but if we have learned anything from Dance Moms, it is that you don't mess with a woman with crazy hair and Sara's dye job would give Cruella DeVille pause. Welcome to the ALDC, ladies.  


Every mom has her own role to play within the group and Tiffanie is staking her claim as ‘the sanctimonious one' hard. Thus, we saw her tearfully claim the elite girls were rude to the minis, only to be shut down by the elite moms treating this like the complete tripe it was. The look of astonishment as they realised they'd be deprived of their showdown was trumped only by the following scene. 

The Kira Shove Showdown

When Kira asks you to get out of her way, you swiftly step to the side, maybe with a little bow. Alas, the mini moms have yet to learn this lesson, which led to the utterly fantastic moment that saw Kira shove Tiffanie and Kerri wail after her, “YOU ARE ROLE MODELS!” We suspect more to Kerri than anyone else. 

Elliana's Superstar Moment

Who channels a dead starlet who was murdered by a woman with the same name as her own mum right before stepping on stage? Eliiana, that's who. This gem was then followed up by her poking at her headscarf and claiming, I look like a seal.” You do you, Elliana. 

The Mini/Elite duets 

Let's not forget why these girls are actually here in the first place and that's because they have some serious talent. The duets were the perfect reminder.

The Makeup Meltdown

Who knows what outcome Tiffanie was expecting when she went to the elites and told them to do her daughter's makeup for her, all under the pretence that this was an order from Abby. Watching the mini moms' ensuing meltdown was ALDC gold, though. 

Liliana's first corn dog

Two takeaways: Abby is a feeder and Liliana completely makes up for her mother. 

Mini Me-s 

We might watch for the drama, but the sweet moments between the girls are an added bonus. Seeing the elite girls help the minis prepare for their first group dance last season, before championing them from the sidelines, is a highlight.