The Biggest Mom Meltdowns

The minis are really proving themselves and that has nothing to do with their recent performance and everything to do with the fact that the moms are already in full meltdown sans Abby, in true Dance Moms style. They're even giving the elite moms a run for their money, who are continuing to rip Ashley to shreds. Let's face it: it's been brilliant. Because all we want to do is continue the bitchery and mayhem for ourselves, we've taken it upon ourselves to rank some of the biggest and best mom meltdowns Dance Moms has ever seen (reduced to fit into the word limit, mind). Spoiler alert: it's GLORIOUS. 

Minister Dawn

“No weapons, just her mouth.”

Fighting in the Streets 

Moms go wild, New Orleans addition. Shame on the producers for missing a trick and not superimposing Martha and the Vandellas over slow motion footage of drunk Leslie throwing herself at drunk Christi, lobbing her handbag at Christi's retreating figure, before starting on the guy separating them. 

Melissa and Her Engagement Ring 

“I don't know why they need to be so nosy. I'm happy with my life. They're just jealous. They need to worry about their kids and I'll worry about mine.” Except, they were actually asking about your absent engagement ring, Melissa. “I'M NOT GOING THIS WEEKEND, GUYS. MY KIDS AND I ARE LEAVING. Greg, call your attorney.” Right. 

Black Patsy

You don't mess with a woman who takes pride in being more of a stage parent than Patsy Ramsey. Jill learned this in season three, but that was nothing on the season two showdown between Kaya and every other mom in the room.

Yvette and Christie 

Christie is terrifying; Yvette looks like Barbie. Pick your battles better, Yvette! 

Christy On Tami 

The ALDC's reception area was almost ended by the absolutely hilarious showdown between Christ-y and Tami in season four. Christy threw something, Tami used Tracey's hair as a launching point to gain more ground as she lunged at Christy. Abby sat open mouthed in the middle of everything, filming. “It's lucky for the ALDC there are always so many beefy men around ready to interpose.

The End of the Dream Team

The one time Christi didn't have Kelly's back and the results were catastrophic. Just ask the crowd of rehearsing dancers below who stopped what they were doing to watch the whole thing. 

Kelly's Hair Pull

We will stop talking about this when we get over it. 

Christi's Walk Out

See above. 

Holly's Screaming Meltdown 

We just weren't ready to see the Good Doctor go full Dance Mom on us. But it happened, in season five, in a way only Holly could have done it. “My integrity is worth more!”

Kira's Baby Mama Drama

Kira spent most of season five quitting the ALDC. Hey: those pregnancy hormones are not a joke. They also led to one of the best mom meltdowns of all time as Abby turned up topless just in time to see Kira quit. Again.