The Moms' Most Hypocritical Moments

Rule number one of the ALDC: you don't talk about the kids, right guys? That has now been pretty much accepted as law. Except for Jess: it's fine for her to say Brynn has no personality when she's sitting right there. Oh and everything Jill says: totally cool. Apart from all that though, Ashlee was completely off base calling the moms a ‘cult of hypocrites,' right? Surely there's not a whiff of truth in that? Let's examine the evidence.

Jess advising Ashlee

What she said then: Remember when Jess came to the ALDC and was universally hated by the moms for being the Robin Hood of ALDC opportunities—taking from the other girls and giving to JoJo? She even stole an audition script from Kalani's bag: “Abby wasn't going to give you this script, now Kalani doesn't have a script.”

What she's said now: “Be a team player, Ashlee.”

Team solidarity

What they said then: Melissa and Jill to Holly and Jess last season: “You can't come to our performance.”

What they've said now: “We stick together as a team.” 

The moms on Melissa 

What they said then: Five seasons of griping about Melissa, Maddie and Abby's favouritism.

What they've said now: “This place would be NOTHING without Melissa. She made it what it is!”

Holly's moral stance 

What she said then: When it came to Abby and Nia, Holly was pretty vocal. “They let that woman tear my kid down last week and they did the same today.”

What she's said now:With Ashlee in tears over Jess' comments about Brynn? “Ashlee brings it on herself.”      

Melissa on Mackenzie

What she said then: “I'm going to speak up for my kid.”

What she's said now: “The competition was rigged!” Oh, you mean the competition that saw your daughter's team win, Melissa?

Kira avoiding drama

What she said then: Kira made staying away from the mama drama a condition for her season six return. How refreshing.

What she's said now: *Throws a water bottle at Jess*

Jill on child rearing 

What she said then: To Brynn, “Don't talk back to grown ups, honey.”

What she's said now: After Kendall screamed at Ashlee, “She says what she wants to say… And I like that; that's how I've raised her.”

Working for Abby

What they said then:Melissa cleans the studio and sits on the ALDC front desk for years, all in the name of winning points with Abby: accepted by the moms.

What they've said now:Ashlee volunteers to help and it's, “Ashlee will worm her way in there and do all that for Abby,” accompanied by kissing noises from Melissa.

Kira on Ashlee 

What she said then: “Your kid's performance was not good... Kalani would put your kid in the grave… [Ava] looks like a praying mantis.”

What she's said now: “Ashlee shouldn't talk about other kids.” 

Melissa's imminent departure

What she said then: “We're not leaving.”

What she's said now: “We're leaving!”

Maybe Ashlee has a point after all…