Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison

5 reasons Jennifer Ellison is amazing

1. She’s a mind-blowingly amazing dancer I can imagine a lot of you know Jennifer from Dancing on Ice, where she was absolutely brilliant, making it clear that she’s a natural dancer. But it’s more than that. As a child, Jennifer won several national ballet & modern dance titles, including the coveted Carl Allan Award for Ballet in 1998, and went on to dance with the Royal Ballet School for a short time. She’s a strong believer in the discipline and technique that training in ballet helps students to develop, which leaves me confident that her skill, passion and experience will be perfect for the show.

2. She’s been a West End leading lady Jennifer has been quoted as saying that she will accept nothing less than West End leading lady standard from her girls, and I believe her! With successful runs in Chicago and Legally Blonde, as well as a role in the movie version of Phantom of the Opera, I’m pretty sure she can teach the girls a thing or two about the stage!

3. Dance school experience? Tick! So she’s got experience in dancing & dance competitions, and she’s had several runs on the West End Stage, but what about teaching in a dance school? She’s is the creator of ‘Jennifer Ellison’s Fame Academy’ where kids go to learn dancing, acting & singing from some of the best in the industry, ‘striving to provide the greatest possible grounding and training for the stars and talent of the future’.

4. Experience of music industry Jennifer can also teach the girls a thing or two about performing for the camera when dancing, having released two successful singles in the early noughties, both with dance-based music videos.

5. She’s got children of her own! Critics of Dance Moms often don’t like the way Abby Lee Miller deals with the kids. Though I fully want and expect Jennifer to put them through their paces and get the best out of them, because she has 3 children of her own - I think she’s probably got a bit more experience and understanding.