Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison

Jen in the dance studio

Scouse Translator

Baffled by the Dance Mums lingo? Can't understand what Jennifer is saying? Worry no more, our scouse translator is here to solve all your problems. Boss, like.

1. 'I’m made up!' Translation: 'I am very happy!'
Usage: 'The girls won the competition! I’m made up!'

2. 'I’m devoed!' Translation: 'I am unhappy/devastated!'
Usage: 'I’m proper devoed man, I really wanted that solo!'

3. 'Our kid.' Translation: One’s younger brother or sister
Usage: 'Our kid wanted to be in the dance but she’s too young!'

4. 'Me ma' Translation: Mother
Usage: 'Me ma’ is rubbish at doin’ me make up for the competitions!'

5. 'Boss!' Translation: 'Good/Great/Excellent!'
Usage: 'The girls were well boss in the contemporary routine!'

6. 'Scran.' Translation: Food
Usage: 'I can’t wait for some scran after rehearsal!'

7. 'Wreckin’ me head!' Translation: 'Annoying me.'
Usage: 'Eee, the mums are wreckin’ me head today!'

8. 'Clobber' Translation: Clothing
Usage: 'Some of your clobber is not appropriate for the dance studio!'

9. 'IYA!!' Translation: Greeting/hello/hi
Usage: 'IYA LOVE!'

10. 'Ozzy.' Translation: Hospital
Usage: 'Our kid fell in the dance routine and has to go to ozzy'

There you have it! Your comprehensive companion to all things scouse! Nice one, man.