Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance

Harry & Meghan
Murray Fraser plays Prince Harry

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance - Murray Grant Interview

What’s the most exciting Royal news of the year? The birth of Prince Louis, the upcoming wedding? No way, it’s the premiere of Lifetime’s Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance on Monday 14th May. We grabbed five minutes with Murray Fraser who plays Prince Harry to talk about the movie and what he took from the experience of playing fifth in line the to the British throne?

Is the story of Harry and Meghan a modern-day fairy tale?

It's definitely a ‘once upon a time’ kind of story. I mean there are actual princes and princesses in the film which is a bit of a novelty in the 21st century. It's a big thing, especially for Americans who love the British Royal Family and now one of their own is marrying into it.

Was there a challenge playing such a famous person and a Royal to boot?

The way I approached it was as a love story between two human beings. Regardless of who you are, people can relate to that. I didn't really treat him like a Prince. I treated him like a human being who just happened to be a prince.

Which scene did you enjoy filming most?

There is a scene at a dance I enjoyed. I love a wee boogie and I love to get down and get my dance on. So that was a lot of fun.

There was a couple of other times when we were meant to be in Botswana when they brought on some animals. It's just one of those moments when you're probably not really acting, to be honest, you're just being yourself –  you’re just right next to a giraffe. That’s just pretty cool.

How do you portray a real person without it coming across as an impression?

I just watched a lot of videos and tried to catch the essence of the guy and what makes him tick. It was important not putting pressure on myself to think "does that look like him or is that how he would sound or would he would react like that?" I just try to keep it honest and truthful.

What was it like working with Parisa?

She was great to work with. We both had very similar outlooks on how to play the characters and how to play the parts. Again we wanted to play it quite honestly and truthfully and try not to put that pressure on ourselves to impersonate them. Again we wanted to play it quite honestly and truthfully and try not to put that pressure on ourselves to impersonate them.

Did you have to explain anything about the Royal Family to Parisa?

Well, I'm Scottish so I probably knew less than her! We were both educating ourselves about the Royal Family. It opened our eyes to the charity work that they do and how they use their platform for a lot of good causes. If you don't really dig into and look at what they actually do, then it can pass you by quite a lot, like it has me. It's really inspiring.

Are you expecting an invite to the wedding?

I think we've missed that boat definitely.