Little Women: Atlanta


What To Expect

The Little Women of Atlanta are here – and they're giving their LA counterparts a run for their money!

Seeing Double

One of the things that makes Little Women: Atlanta unique is that two of the cast members are twins. Amanda & Andrea are new to Atlanta, and are living on their own for the first time since moving out of their parents' house. The two are identical but luckily, you can tell them apart by their tattoos! 

It's not just the twins who look alike, best friends and club act Emily & Bri also have a strong resemblance. They are so close they even have similar nicknames, Left Cheek and Right Cheek. The two double acts aren't exactly fond of one another however – as Emily & Bri worry that Amanda & Andrea are moving in on their territory. 

Baby Drama

Emily is pregnant, and her boyfriend isn't happy – especially when he discovers that the baby could be a little person. The twins also have a hard time being away from their family.

Boyfriend Problems

Amanda & Andrea have moved in with their boyfriends, and Minnie also has issues with her rapper beau; problems which are only made worse when Miss Juicy accuses Minnie of having a ‘fake' relationship. Monie creates tension with her boyfriend when she quits her call centre job to be Minnie's assistant, sacrificing money in her pursuit of becoming a voiceover artist.


When the women start bonding and sharing things about themselves – that's when the tears really start flowing. Whether it's swapping stories about the difficulties of being a little person, or Minnie telling her friends about her problems with her absent father, emotion helps bring the friends closer together.


Let's be honest. While we enjoy it when the women are getting along, our favourite part of any reality show is when they are fighting. The women of Atlanta can find more than enough to fight over, whether it's relationships, rivalries or even twerking. When it comes to altercations, the Little Women: Atlanta take a page from Olivia Newton-John's book – they like to get physical.