7 things you might not know about Terra's husband Joe

Terra's Little Family might be made up of three members, but sometimes it's a little difficult to remember the third. He's no shrinking violet and he likes to make his opinions known – but with Terra as a partner and Penny as a daughter, Joe Gnoffo tends to fade into the background. Terra's just so loud, and Penny so adorable.

And while we doubt Joe really minds playing second and third fiddle (or drum, if you will) to the women in his life, he's actually an interesting man who's led a life in the public eye – so here are a few things you might not know about him.

1. He's starred opposite Julia Roberts

A couple of years ago, there was a bit of a slew of Snow White films – and one of the more popular among them was Mirror Mirror, starring Julia Roberts as the evil and vain queen. But she wasn't the only star in the cast – and if you'd watched closely, you might have recognised none other than Joe, who played a dwarf called Grub who couldn't stop eating. Not a bad role, really. You'd never get hungry on set.

2. He's been in trouble with the law

You might have thought that reduced height might at least help you stay under the radar when it comes to the police – but Joe's no stranger to the boys in blue. Some 15 years ago, he was charged with criminal damage to property, resulting in a fine and 40 hours of community service. He's been on the straight and narrow since, though.

3. He plays in a Nirvana tribute band

Perhaps Joe's most defining characteristic is that of a musician – he's certainly got the facial hair and leather-centric wardrobe to prove it. His preferred instrument is drums, and the name of his band? Nirvanish. Nice.

4. His break-out role was The Benchwarmers

Joe made it onto the ranks of Hollywood actors in 1996 with this film about a trio of guys trying make up for missed opportunities in childhood by forming a three-player baseball team to compete against children's baseball squads. From the description you can probably guess at the inclusion of little people in the cast – but did you know that David Spade and Rob Schneider both also starred? Note that down as a Boxing Day watch.

5. Joe and Terra have different kinds of dwarfism

Joe's is called pseudoachondroplasia, while both Terra and Penelope's is known as achnodroplasia. The difference between the two can mainly be seen in the face – people with the former have normal head growth and facial appearance, while that is not true of the second. They are actually completely different conditions, caused by completely different genes – but this was not known until recently, hence the similarities in the name. Joe's form of dwarfism is extremely rare, while Terra's is the most common.

6. Joe has made many modifications to their home to help Penny

Though the pair were well-prepared for the new addition to their family, they underestimated how many small changes would have to be made to their home to accommodate the child. To begin with, they couldn't even put her in the car without assistance. But now, thanks to an extra mattress in her cot (so they can reach her to pull her out) and a modified TV stand as a changing table, they are able to look after their young daughter entirely independently. What a good father.

7. Joe plays on Terra's new single, Booty Bee

There's no aspect of entertainer life that Terra doesn't partake in – and she's added singing to that with the release of her new single. Joe is super proud of his talented wife, and can be spotted playing drums in the background of the video.