Little Women: LA


10 Things You Need To Know About Briana

From car racer to divorce parties - find out all you need to know about Little Women's Briana.

1. Briana is recently divorced from another little person. Far from dwelling on her sadness, she was quick to throw herself a freedom party – to which she invited along a six foot tall man as her date. When that man then commenced to hit on the young daughter of her friend, despite being Briana's date to the party, she reacted with dignity and poise. Which was sort of disappointing but also confirmed our initial impressions of the brunette powerhouse – she's a lady.

2. Briana has a four year old daughter, who is also a little person, and essentially an exact duplicate of herself. Seriously, it's like Little and Littler. It's almost unbearably cute. While you're cooing, though, it's worth considering how difficult it must be to be a little person trying to raise another little person alone. Impressive.

3. Aside from occasional TV appearances, Briana is a devoted stay-at-home mother – though she has also performed as Marilyn Monroe. No confirmation as to whether she stood over a grate in a white dress, but we suspect she probably did.

4. Of all the ladies who feature on the show, Briana is the littlest, measuring in at under four foot. You can't tell though, because she's 3-foot-something of pure sass.

5. Don't make her mad – she's a former Junior Dragster Car Racer, and she WILL track you down.

6. She's quite softly spoken, and can drop under the radar compared to some of the other women, who are somewhat volcanic. OK, not somewhat – that Icelandic volcano that no one can pronounce has NOTHING on Christy.

7.  Briana's favourite quote is Shakespeare's “Although she be but little, she is fierce”, which kind of makes us love her even more.

8. We're backing Briana to find herself a tall, dark handsome man – though she was married to a little person, she's not picky when it comes to height, and we think a tall drink of water might be just what she needs.

9. Overall, Briana doesn't seem like the kind of person who would jump at the chance to appear in a reality show – she's well spoken and reasonable and focused on providing a good life for her child. All of that leads us to believe that she is there to make some changes in her life and do everything she can to move forward and for that we SALUTE her and also recommend that she get into a fight with Christy. It's a good induction to the world of reality TV.

10. She's actually a pretty spectacular singer, and we hope to see it showcased on the show.