Little Women: LA


10 Things You Need To Know About Christy

1. She is by far the scariest of the group, and that is saying something.

2. Seriously, do not be fooled by her height and delicate features. She raises one of those eyebrows, and she can fell buildings.

3. She can't get through a conversation without talking about sex. Dildos, virginity, porn – nothing is off the table. Including sex. Sex can definitely be done on the table.

4. She is dating Todd, who has formerly dated another member of the group, Briana. He is slow, quiet, kind and totally unable to resist Tornado Christy. She is desperate for him to put a ring on it, and makes no effort to hide that. If she could staple her ring finger to his forehead without risking gangrene, we suspect she would. In fact, she goes ring shopping without him. And picks out the ring she wants. Then goes and tells him about it. Before he proposes.

5. Traci is already engaged to her long-term partner, and resents Christy for endlessly talking about her own wedding even though she ISN'T ENGAGED YET. We think that's understandable. Christy does not.

6. Christy has two children who are also little people, though they do not feature heavily in the show.

7. Christy had problems with alcohol in the past, and is now four years sober, although when she is out with her friends you definitely can't tell. It isn't tequila that motivates that tongue, just total and utter terrifyingness.

8. Like many of the girls, Christy has worked as an actor but she now works from home as a financial advisor.

9. Of the whole group, Christy is the one you want to keep the closest eye on. She's quick to fight, quick to cry and always wants to get her own way. The girls on the show might be her best friends but that does NOT mean that she won't knock them out with her handbag if she has to.

10. As a child, she was bullied and stuffed into a trash can. After watching her in arguments, we think she now knows how to stand up for herself.