Little Women: LA


10 Things You Need To Know About Elena

From Little Britney to her Russian roots, find out more about Elena.

1. She is TALL for a little person – the others refer to her as the Shaq of little people, which might also involve something about being good with balls but doesn't necessarily.

2. She is also beautiful – conversation between the other girls tells us that she doesn't have the large head and large bottom of typical little people, which obviously makes them absolutely loathe her.

3. She's the only one of the group who is not dating a fellow little person – her husband is over six feet tall and African American and she loves that he can pick her up. Which he does with ease because he's approximately 3 times her height.

4. She and husband Preston got engaged after having been dating for 3 months. The idea that this engagement came about out of a need for a green card has been raised, but they seem legitimately happy together.

5. She's Russian, new to the group and looking to make friends. She doesn't seem to have a whole lot of experience with making friends. By that we mean, she's really not very good at it.

6. The other blonde in the group, Terra, is making things especially difficult for Elena, by excluding her from a pin-up photo shoot and generally looking at her like she'd like to punch her in the face.

7. She performs as Little Britney – a self-proclaimed “Midget Britney Spears”.

8. For most little people, “midget” is a defamatory term. Elena, with her Russian heritage and different background, takes none of the same offence and uses the term liberally. As you can imagine, that makes her a lot of friends.

9. Elena's form of dwarfism means that she might never be able to have children, and that terrifies her. For our part, we're considerably more worried by the idea of her trying to birth a child belonging to man who is over 6 foot tall.

10. As a child in Russia, she was tied to a bed for two years in an effort to correct her bowed legs. TWO YEARS. This made Christy's tale about being stuffed in a trash can look kind of lame.