Little Women: LA


10 Things You Need To Know About Terra

Terra Jole is well known for her Mini-Britney and Mini-Gaga act, but what else do you need to know about her?

1. Terra is leader of the group, Queen Dwarf. She has white-blonde shaved hair and a penchant for leopard and lace. Don't let her height fool you – she could bite off your kneecaps and seduce your boyfriend in the time it would take for you to bend down far enough to reach her.

2. She's in a five-year relationship with fellow little person Joe, who is characterized by intricate facial hair and a tendency to be filmed while sitting pensively behind a drum kit.

3. Terra performs as a Little Lady Gaga and is first and foremost concerned about furthering her career. She comes across as the smartest and most calculating of the group, and that makes her scary. She is the original Little Monster.

4. When you see her dance, you'll see how she's made a career out of it. That arse has a life of its own, probably in Vegas.

5. Despite the fact that she constantly denies it, Terra is hugely threatened by the presence of beautiful Russian performer Elena, whom she accuses of having stolen her little people performer thunder. We foresee hair pulling. Lots of it.

6. Of all the group, she's the one with some pre-existing celebrity status – she's headlined her own show and toured the world with plenty of celebrities including Miley Cyrus.

7. Just to soften her up a little, it's important to know that she's an animal rights activist, and has rescued and fostered over 40 dogs. She might not like her fellow humans much, but she's certainly got a soft spot for her four-legged friends.

8. There is a reason her name sounds so much like “terror”.

9. She has abdominal muscles you could grate cheese on, even after demonstrating in the first episode that little people are incapable of doing sit-ups.

10. You're probably going to like her the best of all the girls, despite yourself. She's strong, independent and you forget about her height when you watch her obliterate everyone else around her.