Little Women: LA


10 Things You Need To Know About Tonya

From Little Tina Turner to her big ambitions, find out all you need to know about Little Boss, Tonya.

1. Unlike most of the girls, Tonya is single and ready to mingle. That said, she is not prepared to settle for another little person – she wants a tall man.

2. Tonya is ambitious and driven and aims to be the first little person to win an Academy Award.

3. She has already made some progress towards this goal, with her busy acting career including credits in movies such as Bad Santa.

4. She lists bowling among her hobbies, which creates some interesting mental images, and we sincerely hope that bowling is included in a scene in the show.

5. Tonya has one daughter, Angelique, who is 22 years old and normal sized. Even though she could probably lift her mother over her head with one hand, there is no question over who is the boss. Tonya is the boss. Tonya has always been the boss.

6. Tonya is a strident and slightly scary voice in the argument surrounding the word “midget”, arguing that it is just as offensive as racist terms.

7. We anticipate many clashes with Russian Elena, largely due to the fact that she has no problem with the use of the word “midget”. Disagreeing with Tonya? Yeah, we don't recommend it. 

8. Though not conservative like Traci, Tonya still comes across as the mother of the group. Partly because she's older, and partly because she doesn't care what anyone thinks. Tonya is always quick to make her opinion known .

9. Tonya has taken care to avoid introducing new men into her life while her daughter was young, but now that she is away at college, she reckons its time to get the party started. Men, watch out. Tonya is coming for you.

10. Tonya has performed as Little Tina Turner, Little Nicki Minaj AND Little Beyonce, all of which we SINCERELY hope feature in the show at some point.