Little Women: LA



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Terra Jole
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TV Personality

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Joe Gnoffo: Husband

Penelope and Grayson: Children

She doesn't deserve my oxygen


Terra is the star and executive producer of Little Women: LA, however her status exceeds LWLA. She also works as the executive producer of the Little Women spin offs Little Women Atlanta, Little women New York, and Little Women Dallas. 

Terra has also released her own music, made appearances in film and TV projects as well as creating a website that creates bespoke content for mothers and chldren. 

After her success on “Dancing With the Stars,” Terra’s obsession to get back in the limelight rubs her friends the wrong way and even puts a strain on her marriage. Hurt by Elena’s accusations that she’s being a bad friend and bad mom for putting her career before the people in her life, will Terra be able to forgive her? To make matters even more complicated, Terra faces a series of heath issues that push her to reconsider her priorities.