Little Women: LA

Little Women: Terra

Lifetime Interviews Terra from LWLA

How much time did you spend rehearsing?

You’d spend approximately 4-6 hours rehearsing the dance but your day could be anywhere between 10 to, I’d say 14 hours because you’re doing everything from, it’s not just the dance, you’re also figuring out your wardrobe, you’re also figuring out what the set is and there are so many different pieces, they also want to use little pieces of press with you throughout the day because, you know, you’re building a dance, dancing with the stars is building a show, it’s not just the dance

It’s a great experience but I would say on average 4 to 6 hours every day of dancing and 10 to 12 hours of overall work for the show

It’s not a 9 to 5 it’s more like 24 hours

That’s what made it very difficult, especially being a mom as because I’m spending time with my kids when it’s dark all the time, it’s not in the morning, it’s in the evening.

How did that plan affect filming with little women la, did that affect your filming time with them?

It did, it actually impacted little women a lot to the point of they were having to come to the rehearsal because I wasn’t able to get away many times throughout the week and with dancing, you don’t get a single day off, you’re working every single day of the week especially towards the end because you’re learning more dances, you have more costumes, it’s way more complex towards the end.

Terra with DWTS partner Sasha Farber

Did you have a favourite dance?

My two favourite dances were probably the hardest ones for me, I loved the samba and I loved the Charleston, and they were both the fastest and the hardest, the samba was when the cirque du soleil was in town, I also loved the contemporary, but it is very hard for me to pick just one dance but those three really stand out to me.

And what was it like working with Sasha Farber?

It was horrible, just kidding. He honestly is so great and I couldn’t really imagine having a different partner, he had to modify a lot more than he had ever experienced before, just because of my size and my proportion, and it was honestly like a brother-sister kind of relationship towards the end which was great because we felt like we could kind of tell each other everything and not take it to heart, and yet still complete the dance to the best of our abilities.

Did you have any kind of fears like when you were told you were going on the show in terms of your size and knowing that obviously it’s going to be a different situation for you?

I did, it really tested a lot of my insecurities with being little, I didn’t realise I had any insecurities with being little, and not only that I was very scared because I started dancing 3 weeks after having a C-section, my son was born August 1st, and then 3 weeks later we were dancing, and that was terrifying for me, because I didn’t know how my body was going to handle that process.

Were you in good shape or did you have any complications, or were you kinda good to go?

So after you have a C-section you’re told to not lift a thing, not work out for 6 weeks, to do big lifts and do big dances at 3 weeks, it was definitely a strain on the body, I initially noticed one hernia fairly early in the competition and I spoke with my doctor and asked him if this was a situation that I was going to be putting my health in jeopardy, and she stated that, just to wear a restricting stomach band and if it starts to hurt then I need to stop, and if it grows I need to stop, if I I need to stop, so I really just monitored the way I felt, I monitored the way we worked overall, and towards the end I had two hernias that I could see and what Sasha did, I mean Sasha no longer wanted to do lifts, Sasha no longer wanted to do these crazy abdominal core-

So he cared about your health

He was very scared that I was no longer going to be able to compete.

So how did you go about that then, did you have to kind of take the dances down a notch?

Yeah, I mean I was the girl that wanted to do trick after trick after trick because the audience loves tricks, the audience loves lifts and Sasha was so nervous towards the end, he really kept what we were doing to a minimum because he was honestly probably just as scared as Joe was, Joe was very scared for my health, my husband, and Sasha being my dance partner was just as scared, he didn’t want to hurt me more by doing something that was strenuous on my body.

So who was your harshest critic out of the judges would you say?

Out of the judges, I valued everything that everyone said, I wished that we had Len more throughout the season because Sasha’s very to the book so to speak, if there is a dance, we will make sure that we get every piece of that dance in there instead of the fluff and Len hates the fluff and so I feel like he’s been really great throughout the season, but honestly I think Jules was my hardest judge overall, I mean she wanted to see us change it up towards the end, she wanted to see different things, I feel like, I definitely took her comments to heart.

Were to you able to deliver any of them?

Definitely, the night I was unfortunately eliminated I received 10s across the board, and that felt phenomenal, every critique and every note that they have given me, we really fell through it.

So who would you say out of the girls on Little Women: LA, who would you say is your harshest critic about dancing with the stars?

Hands down Elena was, definitely.

And was that kind of the reaction you were expecting from her?

Not at all, I felt like she’d come to the show, she’d be supportive and then all of a sudden the gears kind of switched when I was going from maybe like an 8 hour day to a 12 hour day.

Cause there were some comments about she kinda felt like you’d changed, do you feel like you’d changed during filming the show, dancing with the stars?

I think inevitably you’re going to change no matter what when you are dealing with these kinds of shows, like the workload that I had to do was so intense that it made sense to change, I don’t think I changed as a person, if anything I became more dedicated and more in touch with who I was and the last thing I wanted to do was give up, I wasn’t about to give up because of my health, I wanted to keep going unless I was instruct by a physician to not.

Could you kinda see why the girls may have felt like you had changed?

I understand that the girls definitely felt like I was different, I spent a lot less time with all of them and I mean, they would text me and I honestly wouldn’t even have time to text back sometimes, so I think that if I were to go back I would try and pay more attention to all of my friends and my husband, I mean even when I was on something as simple as a break I wish that I was more attentive to the people that love me.

All I was doing was reviewing the dance that we just recorded, and I mean I definitely had a drive to do the best that I could, I felt like I was the underdog, so I didn’t want to half-ass the experience.

Are there any kind of OMG moments that you feel like we have to look forward to in this season (6)?

There are a couple of OMG moments and it’s dealing more with health scares but you’ll have to stay tuned this season to find out what they’re all about.

This season we do have a British woman that helps enhance the cast so to speak.

We saw you posted a video of Eddie Murphy and we saw that he is a fan of the show, what did you think about that?

I’m honored that he and his wife watch the show, I think that he’s probably the last person I would ever get to watch little women LA, he’s always been a huge actor in my eyes so to hear that he loves watching the little women franchise is crazy, not just the little women franchise, he likes watching every single one of them, he likes LA, he likes Atlanta, he likes all of them.

Are there any other celebrities that are fans of the show that you’ve been surprised about?

I have received a couple of different people that have come up to me and said like ‘I’m completely addicted’, to me it’s amazing how dedicated people are, and there was a woman that when we were filming in this restaurant, she was so excited that we were filming in this restaurant and she busted out of her purse a big boss ring and was like ‘look I’m such a fan I even wear a boss ring like Tonya.’

We saw in the last season that you and Tonya had a little bit of a fall out, how are things now?

Tonya and I are in a good place right now but this season you’ll really see my relationship struggle with Elena, and sometimes it’s good and it’s not as good, and it’s hard because Elena’s also one of my best friends and we dealt with the trial and error of how to juggle being a mom and juggle being a friend at the same time.

I read somewhere that you fostered 40 dogs, is that true?

Yeah I have fostered over 40 dogs, it’s crazy, and my husband is the champion that has gone through it, I will say that, one of them was a mother with 4 babies, we didn’t realise she was pregnant, but they have all been adopted out, and I go through a company called animal rescue, and I still do a lot of volunteer work for them.

We also have Dallas launching in the UK, is there anything that we need to look forward to in that season?

They are crazy, little women, I can honestly say I have never seen a fight as intense as I’ve seen on the Dallas season, I’ve never seen a throw down as crazy as I have on the Dallas season, I personally would not want to be in that cast, I would be scared that I’d lose some type of body part, I like my hair, I like my teeth, I like everything.