Little Women: LA

Little Women: Couple's Retreat

Little Women: Couples Retreat

Tuesdays 9pm

Across every series in the Little Women franchise, cast members have dealt with love, loss, breakups and makeups in their own unique ways. Now, Tonya Banks of Little Women: LA, at a breaking point with her long term love Kerwin, decides to get away from it all. Can time at a luxurious island resort help her reframe her relationship?

Tonya invites several of her friends from different Little Women casts (Christy and Todd from LA, The Tiny Twins from Atlanta, Lila and Jazmin from NY) to join her, knowing they, too, are at a crossroads. Will the couples take advantage of their time on this couples retreat to better themselves? Or will old jealousies, uncovered truths and painful memories be too much to overcome?