Little Women: LA


What the cast get up to when not filming

The thriving, beautiful, terrible world of social media means that celebrities are no longer just their public image: we creep, invited or otherwise, into their private lives by means of pictures, tweets and anything else we can get our hands on. 

We're voracious – and for many stars that's a good thing, since their on-telly persona might deviate hugely from what they're really like in real life. Conniving witch, or pie-baking, sun-bathing big sister? Cheating bastard or devoted, football-loving father?

With that in mind, we went behind the scenes of Little Women: LA – and checked out what our favourite little people like to get up to in their downtime. You might be surprised… 

Hanging out by the pool

Christy in particular is massive fan of getting poolside, especially when she visiting her family, who live in Vegas. Donning her sunglasses and snapping on a swimsuit, she likes to get her tan on while making sure everybody knows how much fun she's having with a whole raft of selfies – because everyone knows that good times don't really count unless someone out there is getting good and jealous.

Settling down with a book

We don't get to see much relaxing from our troupe of little women, what with the parties and arguments that fill up their schedules – but Briana in particular is a massive fan of settling down with a long read. She's a big fan of mysteries, particularly Poe – and also likes to get her teeth into some Elizabeth Taylor.

Motivational speaking

Sometimes it feels like Terra must have more hours in her day than most people – not only does she have a six-month old baby (who is the cutest child ever, just in case you were wondering. Move over, North West) and a new TV show, but she also devotes time to helping abandoned dogs find new homes AND she's a regular spokesperson for bullied children. She just finished a stint at Camp Bullyproof, where she spoke about her own experiences and urged all children to speak out.

Getting thrown in the air

Of all the Little Women, we're probably the least surprised to learn the Brittney's not one to embrace a bit of relaxation – she's a born star and downtime isn't on her radar. Instead, when she fancies a bit of chilling out, she revisit her old high school and gets training with the cheerleading team she used to participate it. We don't doubt that she was the best on the squad, either. Who better to lift aloft than a little person?

Getting fit

Have you seen Tonya lately? The woman is looking cut. And no wonder – she spends her days off the set getting her spandex on and pumping iron. Tonya is a fitness inspiration to little women all over the world and we're incredibly impressed by what she's achieved. Brittney might like being thrown in the air, but we reckon Tonya would be the one doing the throwing…

Being totally normal

The girls might be down for a good catfight onscreen, but once you check out their lives beyond the lens, they put their fists down. Jasmine in particular might like a bit of a barney, but once the cameras stop rolling she's all about her husband and her young son. Her little kiddy, who is average-sized, is clearly doted-upon, and we love how much of an involved mother she is. Looks like becoming a celeb hasn't stopped her from putting parenting first.

We know we shouldn't be shocked to learn that our favourite pint-sized stars are real people, with interests and hobbies and families – but we're still impressed to see how much they manage to squeeze into their lives. These women might be little but they're living life LARGE.