Little Women: NY


Big City Hacks for Little Women

Little Women NY is set in the Big Apple – a city full of massive buildings, big-headed people and big ideas.

It's the right place for this small-sized group of movers and shakers, none of whom let their diminutive stature get in the path of big dreams – but it's not always easy being little in the big city.

Here are a list of hacks they might use to make their way in New York City: 

Hailing a Taxi

Difficult as a regular person; well nigh impossible if your head is on level with the door handle – so how do you cope when you need to get home in the middle of the night and the cab drivers just can't spot you?

Go with Uber. It's the only way. It pinpoints your spot, and the driver is way more likely to spot you when they're already looking.

Otherwise? Stop the cab through sheer force of will. We're almost 100% sure that a good stare down from Kirsten would do the trick.

Getting a Bartender's Attention

In a busy bar full of flailing fistfuls of cash, getting the tequila shots you need for you and your girls is a mammoth task for a little person – and one that's only going to be beaten by scaling a stool. Don't be shy, get yourself up high and join the throng like anyone else. Luckily for the women of Little Women NY, they're all so lovely looking that they're unlikely to be ignored.

In the alternative? Cargo pants are just asking to be used as a human ladder. That's the only explanation we can think of for people wearing them.

Running for the train

No matter how fit or energetic the little person (and the women of this show would put most of us to shame), there's simply no denying that those little legs can't carry a concerned commuter as fast as they'd like.

The solution, as we see it? Employ four fit and willing men to carry you around all day in a curtained booth filled with cushions. No need for the train, no need to run, no need to worry.

Getting down in the club

No one wants to get stood on on the dance-floor, least of all a little person. And the only way to avoid it is to fling your arms about, get low, stomp, and draw the attention of every single person in the place. No one going to be doing any hip-barging if they're transfixed by your mad dance skills.

No doubt about it, the big city can be tricky – but you know what? There's a work around for everything, particularly if you're bolshy, proud, and unwilling to let anything hold you back.