Little Women: NY


Everything you need to know about the cast

You probably fell in love with the cast-members of Little Women LA – how could you help it, with the catfights, the stories, the tears and the weddings?

Still, if you think you've given your whole heart over to that crew of Little Women, then think again – because the Big Apple has a whole other group of fabulous little women, and they're brighter, bolshier and bitchier. But no bigger. They're still very little.

Here's your first introduction to the all-new Little Women in your life:

Dawn Lang

Dawn is a foxy blonde with eyebrows you could slice your hand open on, but don't let her looks fool you into thinking she's shallow; Dawn's a paralegal with a keen mind, a sharp career and all her priorities in order. Think Elle Woods, but half the size.

She's also got a man – a tall one – whom she's been dating for five years, but unlike the babes in LA, she's in no hurry put a ring on it.

She's hugely proud of her career, but this might lead to some beef – she looks down on little people who use their size to get work as performers, rather than using their brains. Yep, we're anticipating some serious fight face from this one.

Jason Perez

Oh heeeey, we've only gone and got ourselves a little man!

Jason's just as sharp as Dawn, studying political science at Queen's College. He's spent his life working in restaurants, never letting his size slow him down – but once his degree is done, he's ready for bigger and better things.

Jason lives at home, which sometimes gets in the way of romance, but for him, family always comes first. His sexuality? Unknown – so we've no doubt that'll come up as a subject later on in the series.

Jazmin Lang

Jazmin is married to Dawn's brother, David – but just because they're family doesn't mean they don't find themselves in some pretty serious fights.

Much like Terra from LA, Jazmin is a seasoned performer just looking for her big break into the industry. Being married, kids are obviously on her mind – but for Jazmin her career comes first, and kids are just going to have to wait until she's triumphed at the fame game.

Jordanna James

All baby blue eyes and blonde curls, JJ is currently performing on Broadway and owns her own burlesque troop called Sass ‘N Betties. This little woman has confidence in spades, and being little hasn't stopped her from achieving everything she wants.

She's not married but she HAS just moved in with her boyfriend, an average height man called Anthony. He's her longest relationship to date – so fingers crossed it all works out! 

Kristin Zettlemoyer

Of all the girls in the NYC crew, Kristin's the one you're most likely to have heard of: she formed part of the back-up dancing group that caused such a fuss during Miley Cyrus' infamous performance at the VMA Awards in 2013.

The only little person in her whole family, Kirstin lives with Misty and has been divorced since 2008 – and she's on the prowl!

Lila Call

Remember Lila? We already met her on Little Women LA, where she regularly stirred things up with Christy and Elena – not that Christy really needed much stirring.

Blonde and bubbly Lila looks a lot like Terra from LA – and the similarities don't stop there! She's just as loud, just as proud, and just as willing to bully her friends into doing what she wants. Always ready to talk about sex, especially if it makes someone else uncomfortable, Lila is as single as they come, and ready to take NYC by storm.

Misty Irwin

Our last girl, Misty, loves to party. The first on the dance-floor and the last to leave, Misty is currently in a relationship with a man named Joe, but with his graduation imminent, she's not sure where their partnership is going.

Our money's on a break-up, and soon – Lila's going to need a wing-woman on the dance-floor!