Little Women: NY


What did we Expect from Season Two

Our favourite New York ladies (and man) came back, but what did we expect to see in this dramatic season?


After Lila admitted to her issues with alcohol last season, this year sees Lila focusing on her sobriety. This proves difficult when living with her roomate Jason, who enjoys being the life of the party. Lila is also dealing with the reality of her parents getting older as they face some health issues. Will she be able to keep it together during such stressful times?


Katie is pregnant, but what should be a happy time in her life is surrounded in drama. A little person pregnancy is difficult at the best of times, due to increased risks and possible health issues, but when a video surfaces of Katie smoking a cigarette, her friends are quick to question her about it. What's more surprising is Katie's reaction – she doesn't seem to think its too big an issue. Will this fracture her relationships with her friends, and will her pregnancy go smoothly?

Representing little people

Jessica causes a storm in the group due to some of her past career choices. She and Katie used to perform in an act known as Little People Wrestlers, and she continues to work the club circuit. This rubs Dawn up the wrong way, who wishes for an end to demeaning roles for little people – where they are treated as human beings and not used for comedic purposes.

Jason's relationship

This year Jason is in the early stages of a relationship. He has recently come outn of the closet and has found it a lot easier than he anticipated. The ladies seem to be impressed with his boyfriend, but will he be able to maintain the relationship without his girlfriends getting involved?

Familiar faces

The first episode sees Jason and Lila celebrating their housewarming, but Lila isn't too happy when her old rival Terra turns up. She feels betrayed by Jason, who invited Terra, and doesn't mince words when telling Miss Jole what she thinks of her. LA and NY collide in this dramatic confrontation.


Even though these friends don't always get along – sometimes it feels like they never do – they are always bound to have some fun when they are together. Whether it's heading on a trip together or just meeting for a drink, they are one funny bunch. So strap yourself in and get ready for the ride, because this season is going to be a blast!