Makeup Basics: What to bring with you on holiday

It's summertime, and you're going on holiday. To an island, to a villa in Spain, to Brighton for some beers – whichever you've booked, you're excited and you're ready to have a good time in the sun.
In all likelihood, though, thanks to that combination of bad planning and low budgets that we're all subject to, you're likely to have limited space in your luggage: whatever you can stuff in that JetStar overhead locker, or ram beneath your seat in the rented car. So you're going to want to pare back your makeup essentials in order to make room for one more bikini. Here are the things you shouldn't leave behind…
1. Your favourite waterproof mascara
In everyday life, we've got no love for the waterproof stuff. It's claggy, and sticks to your eyelashes like you've used modeling clay. But on holiday, it's a godsend. It won't shift in the sea, it won't slide when you sweat, and if you've collapse on your hotel bed after a night in the local bar, it won't make a mess of your pillows. Plus, big thick eyelashes will do you for a wide-eyed beachside look – no need to bring along the eyeshadow palette or liquid eyeliner you normally consider a must-have.
2. A foundation with a high SPF in it
Hard as we all try, it can be hard to be remember to keep every inch of skin slathered in sunscreen. It becomes a secondary priority to ordering another mojito, or baggsing a sunlounger. Of course, you shouldn't forget it (skin cancer, etc, you know the drill) but if you're going to prioritise one bit of that lovely body of yours, make it your face. Start your morning with some light coverage from your favourite foundation (or BB cream, or tinted moisturizer, whatever floats your holiday boat) – paying extra attention to the skin under your eyes – and you won't find yourself with that Ibiza holiday written across your face in 10 years time.
3. Bronzer
Time in the sun means you'll likely find yourself with a bit of colour after a few days – but if you've been obeying the above advice, you might have a face that still looks like you've spent the last 10 months under a raincloud (because you have). Sweep bronzer across your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, and you'll pass for an island local immediately (until you open your mouth, of course).
4. One bright lipstick
Lipstick might seem like a faff when you've got sand between your toes and sandals on your feet, but trust me – there will come a moment when you have to make a bikini top and a pair of shorts look like appropriate restaurant attire, and nothing will make it pass like a slash of red lipstick. With red lipstick on, you could probably go to the local bistro naked. Try it. Tell us how it goes.
5. A good perfume
Not strictly makeup, but still something you might be tempted to leave behind – don't. Spending your day clad in t-shirts and sarongs is all well and good, but you will eventually get a little bit sick of looking like you live at the beach. One squirt of perfume at your neck and wrists will take the edge off that salty tang, and remind you that you are, at heart, a saucy lady. Even if you've got sand in your nethers.