11 Iconic Michael Jackson Moments

Michael Jackson: legendary performer, musician extraordinaire and King of Pop. The King may be dead, but his legend will always live on (and if you believe the rumours and blurry photos, the man might be living on too). Here are 11 iconic MJ moments.

The Jackson 5 Years

The brothers are Hall of Fame lifers that have been credited with shaping rock n’ roll. Jacksonmania kicked off Michael’s career and launched his reputation as the King of Pop.


If anyone needed reminding how important Thriller really is, the video is the only one that has earned a place in the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry, distinguishing it as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" to American culture, which really says it all. You may also have a history of Halloween outfits inspired by it.

The Moonwalk

The Moonwalk debuted at the Motown 25th anniversary, to the sound of Billie Jean.

The Headlines

No one could command a headline like Jackson. Even if those headlines claimed that he bought the Elephant Man’s bones and slept in an oxygen chamber to stay young. Credit our on-going obsession for the sheer footage of front-page space he ruled over. Who else managed like he did? Honourable mention to the Martin Bashir interview.

That Pepsi Ad

His famous jerry curl went up in flames while filming a Pepsi ad. Jackson sustained second and third degree burns, but he didn’t let the minor issue of a head on fire stop him from getting through a few moves first.

The Single Glove

Raise your hand encased in a single white glove if you shamelessly tried to pull this off for yourself. Never forget, one’s “cooler than two.”

The Marriage to Lisa Marie Presley

They debuted their relationship at the MTV VMAs and made pop culture history in the process with their public kiss. As we have learned from Kate Middleton, you marry royalty, you cement your standing as royalty. The King of Pop married the King of Rock’s daughter and made history. His legacy long outlasted the actual marriage, of course, which stuck around for a mere two years...

The Bubble Years

They wore matching outfits, travelled together and slept in the same room. Bubbles is now 34 and living in Florida.


Vegas meets every child’s dream; the 2700 acre ranch basically doubled as a personal theme park, replete with fun fair, cinema and zoo. Leave it to Michael Jackson to make that happen.

1996 BRIT Awards Performance

Some called the 10-minute rendition of Earth Song, during which he emulated Christ, seemingly blessed a rabbi and was faux-worshipped by a group of adoring fans, over the top. We say any performance that involves getting mooned by Jarvis Cocker without so much as missing a note qualifies for the iconic.

The HIStory Statues

What better way to remind everyone of your legendary career than by erecting giant statues of yourself across Europe? Michael Jackson did iconic best.