5 Urban Legends

Prepare yourself for some serious scares round the campfire this Bonfire Night with these scary urban legends.

The Roommate Death

A girl went back to her dorm room late one night to collect some things before going to her boyfriend's. Worried about waking her roommate, the girl left the light off, sneaking around before creeping out. In the morning, she came back to find the room surrounded by police. When they found out she lived there, they told her her roommate had been killed. On the wall written in blood were the words, ‘Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?'

The Clown Statue

A teenager was babysitting a couple of children. After they went to bed, she started watching T.V. in a room that had a life-sized clown statue in it. After a while, she began to feel like the clown was watching her. Creeped out, she rang the parents to ask if she could cover it up. They immediately told her to take the kids to a neighbour's house and call the police. When they got home, they told her they didn't have a clown statue. It was a real person.

The Smiling Man

A man was out walking one evening when he noticed a man behind him, dancing along the street. Assuming the man was drunk, he crossed the street. Glancing back, the man was a lot closer, his head thrown back, with a ghastly smile on his face. He started to walk faster, keeping an eye on the smiling man who was getting closer and closer. Looking up to see where he was going, he suddenly saw the smiling man on the same side of the street. The man stopped dancing and suddenly started running towards him, the smile still on his face. Terrified, the young man ran towards a busy street. He made it, but stopped walking alone at night. There have been many reports of the Smiling Man.

The Man at the Window

A girl was sitting at home alone one night. Looking out the window, she suddenly saw a man there, watching her. She quickly hid under a blanket on the sofa and called the police, not moving until they arrived. When they came, they looked everywhere, checking for footsteps outside. Not finding anything, they came back in to see the girl and only then saw the wet footsteps leading up to the sofa. “You're very lucky,” they told her. “It was a reflection you saw; the man was inside the whole time."

The Red Room

A boy was using his computer when a pop up window opened up, the message “Do you like” on it. The boy closed the window, but it kept coming back. He ran an anti-virus program, but it came back clean. The window kept popping up, each time more of a message appearing. Eventually, it read, “Do you like the red room?” The next day, the boy was found dead by his computer, the room covered in his blood.