Diana Preisler

Highlands Voices

A born and raised New Yorker, Diana believes in telling it like it is. Her vibrant personality has caused her coaching style to become radical in the sense that she approaches a capella like she approaches life – with excitement and vigor. She strives to make all of her students really feel the song that they are practicing. Along with teaching the basics and how to sing a note properly in the a capella forum, Diana believes that a group needs to use the stage as much as possible and is big on developing choreography into every song. Diana's rehearsals are anything but normal, and sometimes don't take place indoors. She loves to use the outside world to help her students better themselves. Whether it's singing to strangers on the street or performing for unexpected café patrons, Diana pushes her students to overcome fears and do the unconventional.

Diana's mission statement in a capella: "They see you louder than they hear you!"