Project Runway All Stars


Who are the All Stars?

This series of All Stars see's 14 amazing designers return to our screens to be judged by Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi. But who are the talented runway stars that are going to grace our TV screens?

Patricia Michaels

Patricia made it to the finale in series 11 and you can see why she made it so far. Patricia’s creativity and chic ideas will grace our screens once more this season.

Samantha Black

Samantha was also a series 11 contestant. Although she finished in 7th place hopefully she can redeem herself from her exit. We can’t wait to see her unique style again in All Stars.

Jay Nicholas Sario

Jay was bursting with statement pieces in series 7 finishing 4th. Clearly a force to be reckoned with it was sad to see him go previously, and we are so happy he’s back.

Sonjia Williams

Sonjia was everything you wanted a designer to be in series 10. Finishing in 5th place, all her pieces were chic, young, trendy and sexy. We cannot wait to see what why she is an All Star.

Gunnar Deatherage

Gunnar brought a sophisticated look to the runway that exceeded his years. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing how his style has evolved since series 10.

Fabio Costa

Fabio brought an earthy, relatable element into his designs making anyone want to wear his clothing in series 10. Whilst he made very far in his series (runner up), Fabio is coming for the win this series.

Kate Pankoke

Kate has appeared on Project Runway not once but twice finishing 9th in series 11 and 6th in season 12. You know what they say… 3 times a charm!

Helen Castillo

Helen came 5th on her series. Her quirky outfits laced with detail graced the runway in series 12. Let’s hope she brings this to this season.

Justin Leblanc

Justin made history in Project Runway series 12 by being the first def contestant to step foot it the workroom. However, his pieces were so loud it was impossible not to take charge of the runway. Every piece was sheer perfection, we’re ready for you this series Justin.

Alexandria Von Bromssen

Alexandria was never afraid to go outside the box, giving her an edge over her competitors in series 12. Will she make past her previous title as “runner up” in all stars?

Chris March

Chris had the larger in life personality that matched his designing style in series 4 before finishing in 4th place. Being the oldest (series wise) in the competition, let’s see if this old dog has learnt some new tricks.

Benjamin Mach

Benjamin the Australian seemed to be a pretty well rounded and safe contestant in series 11 finishing in 11th place. It’s just a shame we couldn’t see more- until now that is!!

Dmitry Scholokhov

Dmitry was the series 10 winner, bringing a glamourous, tailored look to his edgy designs. It will be interesting who takes the crown this time around- but we do look forward to it!

Michelle Lesniak

This Series of All Stars the judges are shaking it up a little bringing 2 previous winners back to the competition. One of which being the outstanding Michelle. Michelle won season 11, but this hasn’t stopped her for going for the bigger crown with her forward thinking looks.