Project Runway


Project Runway: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Project Runway

Can you believe Project Runway has been on TV for more than ten years? Does that make you feel a bit old? Sorry about that – but 19 series later, we're still hooked and tuning in to see which unfortunate designer will be sent home. But even if you've been watching it from Series 1, we reckon there are a few things you don't know about your favourite fashion show. Try these on for size:

1. It won a Peabody Award in 2007 "for using the 'television reality contest' genre to engage, inform, enlighten and entertain." So it isn't just an addictive way to binge away a Sunday morning – it's educational too! After all, don't you feel like you know so much more about drapery and lettuce hems than you did before Project Runway was in your life?

2. While they're on the show, the designers can't leave the apartment, talk to their friends and family, or use the Internet without permission ... And they definitely aren't allowed to bring pattern books or how-to guides on to the show. Remember during season 3 when Keith Michael was disqualified for doing exactly that? The judges aren't kidding around.

3. Project Runway was a surprise runaway (ahem) hit, with the first series being Bravo's most successful since Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It's had consistently high ratings ever since, and in 2009 moved to Lifetime. In the US, Lifetime is currently broadcasting the first series of Project Runway: Junior, which sees up-and-coming fashionistas aged 13-17 taking on the catwalk challenges. Don't expect the fact that they're younger mean that they have any less talent - judge Kelly Osbourne said that the premiere was the best first challenge in Project Runway history.

4. In Jamaica, Project Runway is called Mission Catwalk, which we love. And in Taiwan, it's called Super Designer, which we think should be the name of DC's next superhero. Wonder Woman with scissors and a magical tape measure instead of the Lasso of Truth. No?

5. As host of Project Runway, Heidi Klum has been nominated for six Emmys. In 2013, she and Tim Gunn both won the Emmy for Outstanding Host of a Reality Competition Programme – beating Anthony Bourdain, Cat Deeley, Ryan Seacrest and Betty White to the prize. The show itself has been nominated for loads of Emmys, including five nominations in 2015 alone. It won Outstanding Picture Editing for a Reality Programming in 2009, for its first series on Lifetime.

Project Runway: not just pretty clothes.