Project Runway


Tim Gunn talks Project Runway and fashion icons

Project Runway judge and fashion expert Tim Gunn talks to Lifetime about fashion don'ts, working with Heidi Klum, and his favourite fashion designers.

List the fashion items that should be banned.

Easy: dropped-crotch pants, capri pants, crop tops, cargo anything, and fur everything.

Who are your five best dressed celebrities?

Anne Hathaway, Helen Mirren, Lupita Nyong'o, Cate Blanchett, George Clooney.

What do you love about Project Runway?

The show has tremendous integrity and seriousness of purpose. We simply lob out a challenge to the designers, step back, and see what happens. There are no behind-the-scenes manipulations or contortions, none.

Describe Heidi in three words.

Brilliant, hilarious, and breathtaking!

What's in store for this season of Project Runway?

Anyone who follows me on social media will know that Season 14 was not my favorite. From the onset, three designers were so disengaged that they brought nothing with them, not even a pair of scissors! Most of the designers seem to sleepwalk through the season, making lackluster work and generally disappointing – me! And the judges just pander to them, Eventually, I completely lose my patience. I even drop the F-bomb in the workroom...

Who are your style icons of all time?

Diana Vreeland, Twiggy, Catherine Deneuve, Michelle Obama, and let us not forget Cary Grant.

What are the upcoming style trends for 2016? 

Oh please, don't get me started. I'm nothing if not cynical about trends. This year it's the mini and next year it's the maxi. It's fashion's pendulum. And when you chase trends, you end up looking like a fashion victim. Find items that work for you and stick with them.

Favorite designer?

Diane von Furstenberg. How many designers can lay claim to an iconic design (the wrap-dress), have 40+ years of staying power in this daunting industry, and be an icon themselves?

Who would you love to style?

If someone were to reach out to me and ask for my help, then I would oblige. But I would never conduct an intervention. Who am I to say that so-and-so should present herself differently? Do I have a list of who I wish would reach out to me? Of course!

Finish this sentence: "Every woman should own _____."

A blazer. Both genders benefit from owning this wardrobe essential, Sadly, we've become a dress-down society. A blazer is the easiest – and best - way to dress up the ubiquity of jeans and t-shirts.

What are your travel essentials?

iPad, eBooks, and moisturiser.

Favorite color?

Trust that I am not pandering to the UK, but my favorite color comes from a visit to Bath, It's that gorgeous custard color of the limestone there. My current and last two apartments have been painted that color.

How would you describe your style?

I'm a classicist, plain and simple.

What makes a great designer?

Love, tenacity, a thick skin, and a palpable point of view.

Project Runway continues every Thursday at 10pm – exclusively on Lifetime.