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Seven Year Switch Australia: Episodes

Episode 1: 21 November, 10pm

Arriving in their new homes before their experimental partners turn up, the first of many surprises is revealed to the participants: there's just one bedroom and it contains only one bed.

Episode 2: 28 November, 10pm

On meeting their experimental partners, three of the couples decide it's ladies first as regards use of the bed, but one pair come to a different conclusion and the woman is left to sleep on the sofa.

Episode 3: 5 December, 10pm

As a way to bond, the experimental couples share interests. One pair learn a dance routine, while one man teaches his new partner the drums before revealing the state of his sex life.

Episode 4: 12 December, 10pm

Weekends away involve a helicopter ride and a steamy hot-tub for one experimental couple, learning to let go in Byron Bay for another and the telling of a tragic story for a third.

Episode 5: 19 December, 10pm

Shocking truths are revealed to the experimental couples as they're shown footage of examples of tension in their original relationships.

Episode 6: 26 December, 10pm

Bonds of trust have been established between the experimental couples. Now that the project is drawing to a close, the therapists pose the question: are the original relationships worth saving?

Episode 7: 2 January, 10pm

With two days left of the experiment, the temporary couples meet each other's real partners. There are tears, confrontations and some surprising discussions.

Episode 8: 9 January, 10pm

The couples return home to their real partners but things don't go to plan for all of them. The therapists counsel the reunited pairs as they make their decision on whether to stay together or part.

Episode 9: 16 January, 10pm

It takes some time for one of the original pairs to reunite under the same roof. And for the rest of the couples, life at home has its ups and downs as they work on their relationships.

Episode 10: 23 January, 10pm

Six months on, in this reunion episode, the couples talk about what happened after the filming finished. Did everyone have a happy-ever-after story?