Mainstream Adventures in Kink

“Safe, Sane and Consensual” – that's the rules of fetish. The Frisky Business crew have bought previously un-talked about taboos into everyday convo – the Fifty Shades of Grey range mean even your Nan knows what a benwa ball is. Let us celebrate some important pervy pop culture milestones…


Take That's Do What You Like. Talk about Take That and…Crikey.  We associate them with M&S ads, tweed waistcoats and mums singing on the school run. Startling then, to remember that 1991's Do What You Like video saw ‘Ver That wearing leather chaps, and studded cod-pieces, mopping each other's buttocks with jelly. And mops.

“Fluid Sexuality”


Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl. Female sexuality is a spectrum, and this 2008 song perkily explores the fluidity of feminine desire when the expectations of the controlling patriarchal gaze are removed. It's also the dance-floor cue for a million lesbian and bisexual women to let out a collective groan, and get ready to explain, again, that they're ‘not just doing it for attention, Steve'.


Madonna's Sex. Pre-internet, all imaginable erotica was contained within three things – James Herbert's The Fog, a worn-down VHS of Basic Instinct, and Madonna's 1992 “Sex”. In this book (note for young people – a book was a papery object filled with text and/or images, like a binary iPad) the Queen of Pop explored some of the rudest recesses of her imagination; including mild bondage, naked hitch hiking, and boinking Vanilla Ice.


Lady Gaga. At this year's South By South West festival, everyone's favourite one woman Ace of Base Tribute act, Lady Gaga, shocked audiences by writhing sensually in a performance artist's vomit. The most hilariously transgressive thing about it was the show was was sponsored by… Doritos. (“Doritos, now available in Cool Ranch, Tangy Cheese and Eggily Earnest GCSE Art Sick”)


In 1992 ‘toe sucking', was rudely thrust down our throats by the tabloids without even checking first for lint. Former Royal Sarah Ferguson, freshly divorced from Prince Andrew, was papped topless on the beach in Southern France, having her ‘little piggies' ‘taken to market' by a Financial Manager. A nation chortled, and it was about this time that the tabloids entered Imperial Phase intrusion into the life of the Royals. Luckily that had no dark consequences at all, ahem. 


Rhianna – S&M. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.”  A feminist reclamation of power and sexuality; confronting - and reclaiming - the persistent aura of violence and victimhood that is the hangover of her relationship with Chris Brown/The Media? Or a broken woman sucking a banana trying to turn our daughters into dead-eyed strippers and hoo-ers?  All we know is, you never used to have all this hoo-ha over B*Witched.

“Lesbian Robots”

Bjork – All Is Full Of Love. In this 1997 Chris Cunningham directed video, Two Jonathan-Ives-designed-looking robo-Bjorks make out with each other, and suddenly you can't look at an iPod classic the same way again. 

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