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20 Modern Rules of Friendship

Millions of Brits can’t stand their own friends – and thanks to science, we reckon we have a good idea why!  

The average Brit has 16 friends and aquaintances, which include three "friends" that they don't like or get on with! According to a poll, jealousy seems to be one of the top reasons for the breakdown of a friendship. What kind of jealousy you ask? Being in a relationship, having more money and having other friends are all rather large triggers when considering why your friend could be so jealious that it causes a rift in your relationship. Not only has this poll provided us with the 20 Reasons for not getting along with your so called "friends", but we also have the key to ensuring that the friendships you do have (and care about)... last! 

Top 10 Modern Rules of friendship

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1) Help them get out of Bad Dates

Whether it's a signal, a phone call, or dramatically bursting through the doors of the restaurant GET YOUR FRIEND OUT OF THERE!

2. Don't Communicate with your Friend's Partner Without Them

This is an absolute No- No! You don't want anyone jumping to conclusions now do you? 

3. Don’t be the one in the group chat who ruins all the plans

This is the literal face every friend in the group chat has when you cancel.

4. Always Offer to Lend Money if they Need it

There is a fine line between being a good friend and shoving money in their face. As long as it's from a sincere place you should be ok. 

5. Always Offer to get the First Round in

We all appreciate that one friend that gets the first round... Be that friend.

6. Always Take their Side in an Argument

Loyalty is a must, back your friend to the grave. 

7. Don't Tag them in Photos They Haven't Approved

We've all been there... Had a great night out, stop off in a bathroom, take 500 hundred photos in the dirty mirror. Just make sure everyone in the picture looks FLAWLESS. 

8. Never Swipe Right on Your Friends Ex- Partners on Tinder!

It doesn't matter if they broke up yesterday or 45 years ago... NEVER do this! 

9. Don't Post Unflattering Photos on Social Media


10. Don’t give TV or film spoilers until you know your friends have seen them

This rule right here can easily destroy any friendship. 

So there you have it! 20 Modern Rules to friendship, but there is more! Ever wonder if the Housewives stick to these rules? Find out with new episodes every Tuesday at 9pm.