The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills


Best Put-Downs

That's too bitchy I shouldn't say it. But I'm awfully glad I did.

Who said it? Lisa
Who did she say it about? Kyle
How did it come about? After the season three reunion, Kyle and Lisa were not in a good place. The former besties couldn't help slinging accusations at each other, which was detrimental to their friendship - but made excellent viewing. While chatting with Brandi and Yolanda, Lisa accused Kyle of only being her friend so that Mauricio - Kyle's husband - could sell Lisa's house. Vanderpump admitted what she said was bitchy, but not enough to take it back.

If you can't be my friend, just please don't be my enemy!
Who said it? Taylor
Who did she say it to/about? Lisa
How did it come about? Taylor and Lisa's friendship didn't get off to the greatest start, with Taylor not taking kindly to Ms Vanderpump's dry sense of humour. After being confronted by Lisa over not being invited to an event, Taylor erupted into a dramatic speech. She accused Lisa of constantly insulting her, while simultaneously pleading with Ms Vanderpump to be friends with her. Strange.


At least I don't do crystal meth in the bathroom all night long, bitch.
Who said it? Brandi
Who did she say it to/about? Kim
How did it come about? This was Brandi's baptism by fire. She was the new Housewife on the block - complete with crutches - when she was put in a team with sisters Kim & Kyle during a night of games at Dana's house. The Richards sisters didn't like the look of Brandi, so chose to completely ignore her and play as a team of two. Brandi finally had enough and called out Kim's unusual behaviour, and accused her of being a drug addict.


You're such a f***ing liar, Camille!
Who said it? Kyle
Who did she say it to/about? Camille
How did it come about? Kyle and Camille had one of the first - and most memorable - fights in the series during its first season. After Camille accused Kyle of making bitchy comments towards her off-camera, Kyle called Camille insecure. Their argument continued to escalate until Kyle dropped this bomb in front of the other women.

Why don't you go blow up your lips some more?
Who said it? Kim
Who did she say it to/about? Taylor
How did it come about? Taylor's lips remain one of the most discussed things about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to this day. It wasn't exactly the most original of jibes for Kim to make after Taylor accused her of stirring the pot during season one's Dinner Party From Hell, but it sure was hilarious.

Don't you f***ing dare command me.
Who said it? Carlton
Who did she say it to/about? Kyle
How did it come about? Did you know that Carlton's a Wiccan? She doesn't mention it often. She doesn't take kindly to those who don't take her religion seriously, so she got angry when Kyle mistook Carlton's pentagram tattoo for a Star of David. When the two discussed the issue at Ken & Mauricio's birthday party; Kyle called Carlton anti-Semitic. Carlton did not take it well ...


Joyce is a big fat pig
Who said it? Brandi
Who did she say it to/about? Joyce
How did it come about? Sometimes when you meet someone new, you have trouble remembering their name. Brandi took this to a whole new level this season, by constantly forgetting Joyce's name, preferring to refer to her as Jacqueline. When Joyce told Brandi that she wouldn't answer to any other name than her own, Brandi decided to tell her what the name Joyce brings to her mind.


Checkmate, bitch.
Who said it? Lisa
Who did she say it to/about? Faye Resnick
How did it come about? Faye has never been an actual Housewife. Instead, she turns up from time to time to stir up trouble on Kyle's behalf. On this occasion, Faye accused Lisa of being like a chess player - suggesting that Lisa's every move is calculated. Lisa's response? To tell Faye exactly what she thinks of her behaviour; even using the chess analogy as one final nail in her tacky coffin.


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