The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills


Lisa Vanderpump

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Lisa Vanderpump
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TV Personality

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Ken Todd: Husband

Max and Pandora: Children


Life isn’t all diamonds and rose, but it should be


Known to those closest to her as "Pinky" , A dead ringer for Jackie Collins, the very suave and very British Ms Vanderpump (Vanderpump! VANDERPUMP!) has everything. A sprawling mansion, a successful restaurant, Sur, which caters for celebrities and influential Hollywood types, and a wardrobe bigger than a semi-detached house. She’s even got a tiny dog which she dresses up in a variety of ludicrous outfits, from ballerina to BDSM porn star.

The mother figure of the Beverly Hills mob, her main job is to keep Brandi away from her husband Ken, who looks like a gonk, but seems to act like catnip to the voracious Brandi.