The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills


Erika Girardi: "Anything could happen at lunch with the ladies"

Erika Girardi may be the newest Beverly Hills Housewife – but she has certainly made an impression. From her chart-topping alter-ego Erika Jayne to her use of certain 'naughty' words, she has certainly caught the attention of both viewers and her fellow Housewives.

Erika spoke to us about her friendship with Yolanda, the beginnings of Erika Jayne, and what she thought of her trip to Bethenny's ...

How did Erika Jayne come about?

Well I've been performing since I was a child and in about 2007 I decided that I wanted to return to the stage and I created this over the top, fun, energetic character that I believe personally resides in all of us. Her name is Erika Jayne and she's out there doing it.

Who would you list as Erika Jayne's musical influences?

When I grew up I looked up to Michael Jackson, Prince and Madonna. You know, three of – in my opinion – the greatest entertainers ever. Muscially, stage show, personality. Culture, fashion, music – just the melding of the three of those was definitely my inspiration.

Erika Jayne got all the Housewives talking. Which of your fellow Housewives were the most welcoming towards you?

I mean everyone has been very kind and each of the women welcomed me with open arms. They were all very sweet. No-one right off the bat was cold at all.

Was it difficult being around the girls when they were talking about Yolanda because you two are so close?

Well of course. Yolanda Hadid is suffering from Lyme disease and it's hard to see someone who is really struggling be questioned by a group of so-called friends. You know, we are the people that should support her because she gets enough criticism in the press and we should be there for her.

Was it difficult coming in to the group when there are a lot of issues relating to things in the past? There has been a lot of talk about Kim in particular.

Well it's important that I don't talk about things that I don't know about. And I wasn't there for [the drama surrounding] Kim, so all I could say was "Listen, this is Kyle's sister. It bothers her." But you know I didn't experience what they experienced so I can't really voice an opinion on that.

Did you connect with Kathryn being that you were both the new girls?

Yes we bonded on a certain level for sure – both being new to the group and also being new to this experience. Sure.

Were you offended by Bethenny's attitude towards you at her house in the Hamptons?

I wasn't necessarily offended – everyone is entitled to their opinion like I said on the show, I just don't necessarily agree with it. However, if she had come to my home I probably would not have treated her the way she treated me.

Why do you think your co-stars have such a big issue with your use of language – in particular certain words that they find offensive?

Oh I don't know. I mean perhaps it's culture, perhaps it's just who they hang around with and I think sometimes they don't understand the way in which it's used – but that's okay.

Which is more difficult – performing at a gay club or going to lunch with the ladies?

Oh definitely going to lunch with the ladies. You know why? Because anything could happen at lunch with the ladies. Things could escalate so quickly. And performing at a gay club? I know what's about to happen – we're about to have a good time! 

Do you get a lot of people judging you for the age difference between you and your husband? 

Well I think that was more true in my twenties and not so much now. I mean I'm 44 years old and we've been married for 16 years so you know perhaps it was true then not so much now. But I think as a human race we need to move beyond age, colour, religious differences. That's my opinion though. I just feel that if you love someone you love someone and it shouldn't really matter. It's a little tired conversation if you ask me.

How are you feeling about your first reunion coming up?

I don't know what to expect. I've watched half of a reunion, so I know for sure that it should be a little contentious but I'm sure I'll be just fine.