The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills


Lisa Vanderpump vs. Lisa Hochstein

Two Lisa's. Only one can be crowned the Best Lisa of the Housewives franchise. Let's take a look at what makes these two women so fabulous, and which one does it all better ...

The Money

Money may not make you happy–but on The Real Housewives, it sure makes you a lot more interesting.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Miami Lisa is worth $20 million. Not too shabby, right? Except when you compare it to Lisa Vanderpump's fortune, which stands at over $65 million.

Lisa V also wins out when it comes to their Housewives salaries. It has been reported that she earns over $500,000 per season on Beverly Hills, and is the highest paid of the cast. Over on Miami, the ladies make between $55-75,000.

This round goes to the Pump. 1-0

The Mansion

Lisa Hochstein's house was the setting for the infamous bra-clad bust-up between Adriana and Joanna during season two of The Real Housewives of Miami. The Mediterranean- style mansion boasts five bedrooms and a massive swimming pool. The couple put the house on the market, and last year it was valued at $11.5 million. They have since purchased a home on Miami's Star Island, where they will rub shoulders with Rosie O'Donnell and Gloria Estefan. However, they are demolishing the house that is currently on the property because it was built in the 1920s. Who needs architectural history when you can build another McMansion?

Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken sold their Beverly Park home for $19 million in 2011. Their new abode, named ‘Villa Rosa' in an nod to the couple's restaurant Villa Blanca, features an open plan lower level, stunning views, and a massive closet; all of which are enhanced by Lisa's keen eye for design.

Who wins this round? Vanderpump, hands down. 2-0

The Dogs

Both Lisa's have furry friends. We all know about Giggy, but Lisa Vanderpump also has a number of other dogs, including a Golden Retriever, the hilariously-named Rumpy Pumpy. I am incredibly jealous of Lisa's dogs, especially because Giggy has better clothes than me. Hochstein, on the other hand, seems to prefer a bigger dog. She had a Boxer named Puffy, but unfortunately he fell ill at the end of 2012 and had to be put down. He will be forever remembered for the scene on RHOM where Lisa bathes him while wearing a bikini. RIP Puffy.

I'm going to give this round to Miami Lisa as a sign of respect to our dearly departed Puffy. 2-1

The Hubby

Lisa Vanderpump has been married to Ken Todd for over thirty years. The pair walked down the aisle after only a few months together, and have been happily married ever since. Lisa jokes that her and Ken only have sex two or three times a year, while Ken continues to dress like a rock star, despite being in his sixties.

Lisa Hochstein is married to Lenny, who is nearly twenty years her senior. He is a plastic surgeon, and she describes herself as his “best creation.” Lenny, on the other hand, is more private and the series has shown him to be a little grumpy at times.

Of the two hubbies, I'm going to have to go for Ken. He isn't shy about defending his wife, he has a sense of humour about himself, and his relationship with Giggy is just the cherry on top.

So, there you have it. Based on my highly scientific calculations, Lisa Vanderpump walks away with the title of Best Lisa, winning 2-1. Now that Lisa Rinna has joined Real Housewives of Beverly Hills though, her title may be in jeopardy.