The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills


The Real Husbands Of Beverly Hills Are More Dramatic Than Their Wives

What's going on with The Real Husbands of Beverly Hills? 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is supposed to be a show about the lives of glamorous, wealthy women who gossip about each other and inevitably get into altercations. However, it seems that the men behind these Housewives have taken a more active role in the conflicts that involve their wives. 

Whether it be dishing out hilarious digs, acting as their wife's bodyguard or defending themselves against false allegations; it's safe to say that the Beverly Hills boys have been giving the women a run for their money this year.

Ken Todd is Lisa Vanderpump's husband of over thirty years, and is the most vocal - and controversial - of all the current husbands. He has frequently come to the defence of both Lisa and Brandi - who does not have a significant other - when he feels that they are being attacked. Earlier this season, Kim confronted Lisa about not turning up to her daughter Kimberley's graduation party. Ken immediately went to his wife's defence by bringing up the fact that there have been many events that Kim has not turned up to; alluding to the former child star's alcoholism. Kim did not take this well, and their feud escalated during the trip to Puerto Rico - Kim referred to Todd as a ‘stubborn old man' when Ken accused the ladies of orchestrating an attack on Lisa.

While he isn't Kim's favourite person, Ken has been good friends with Kyle's husband - Mauricio - for a number of years. Kyle and Lisa actually met each other through their husbands. Much like that of their wives though, Ken and Mauricio's involvement on the show has taken a toll on their once-close friendship.

This year was difficult for Mauricio. There were a number of tabloid stories about his supposed infidelity, and these were inevitably brought up on the show. Initially, Ken was supportive of his friend; telling Lisa that he didn't believe a word of the rumours. However, once Kyle and Mauricio started accusing Lisa of deliberately bringing up the cheating allegations, Ken lost his cool. He chastised Mauricio for believing Brandi's version of events, even though Lisa had repeatedly refuted the accusations. It appears that Beverly Hills' biggest bromance may be headed for a split …

More wood has been flung on the Househusband fire courtesy of Michael, the husband of newbie Housewife Jacquel - I mean Joyce. In the midst of the mammoth Brandi/Joyce feud, Michael put his foot down and defended his wife during a dinner confrontation with Brandi. Highlights from the shouting match included accusing Brandi of being a bad mother, and an alcoholic who needed rehab. In typical Brandi fashion, Glanville retaliated by accusing Joyce of ‘settling' with an ugly overweight man who has a lot of money. 

Disappointingly, not every husband gets involved in reality TV feuds; some are content to stay below the radar. Both Yolanda's husband - supreme songwriter David Foster - and Carlton's man, David, who runs a successful financial services firm, are men of few words. However, with David Foster's track record - Yolanda is his fourth wife - I think it's inevitable that there will be some divorce drama in the future. Here's hoping!

Even though Ken can deliver a fantastic insult, and Mauricio is a fine piece of eye candy; I'm getting a little bit sick of the husbands worming their way into every little fight. They don't really bring anything exciting, and usually come off as either annoying or intimidating. Unless they want to channel New Jersey and beat the crap out of each other, I'm not interested. So as a word of advice to the Beverly Hills hubbies - leave it to your wives; they're the professionals.