10 Things You Might Not Know About Adriana

Adriana de Moura is arguably the breakout star of Real Housewives of Miami. Her no-nonsense attitude and penchant for below-the-belt insults have proven her to be one of the most divisive Housewives in the franchise. Here are some things that you may not know about her ...

1. Adriana was born in Brazil. Her year of birth is unknown. Trust me, I looked really hard for it. I'm guessing she's in her early 40s but I don't want to make a guess in case she sees this and gets angry with me. I'll just say that she is ... 27.

2. Her family was not wealthy when she was a child, which has probably given her the work ethic that she has shown on RHOM. Adriana has previously been insulted by Joanna's insinuation that Adriana came from “the slums of Rio.”

3. Adriana has previously opened up about the struggles she faced in her youth. Her parents divorced after her father cheated and ran out on the family. Adriana's mother was devastated by this, and as the oldest of the four children, Adriana had to take on more of a parental role. This led to Adriana having difficulty trusting men, an obstacle she overcame by marrying Frederic.

4. Before moving to Miami, Adriana studied in Florence as well as at the University of Paris, one of the oldest educational institutes in the world. She studied Art and Culture, which led her into her career as an art dealer.

5. She has one son, Alex, from a previous relationship. Alex goes to school with Lea's son, RJ, and the two are close friends. From his appearances on the series, Alex seems more laid-back than his mother, and is often on the receiving end of one of her rants. He takes it well though, and usually just laughs it off.

6. You probably already know that Adriana speaks five languages; she doesn't exactly keep quiet about it. So far on the show we have seen her speak English, Spanish, and French. The Spanish comes in handy when she wants to talk about someone (Joanna) behind their back without them knowing, and Adriana's husband Frederic is a native French speaker. As a Brazilian, her fourth language is Portuguese. I'm unsure of the fifth, and all my questions on Twitter have gone unanswered.

7. Adriana is close with her cast-mates Alexia and Marysol, as well as former Housewife Ana. Lisa and Adriana also had a friendship before Lisa joined RHOM at the beginning of the second season.

8. Lea Black had been a close friend of Adriana for many years. Lea insists that she gave Adriana money towards Alex's tuition at his expensive private school. Adriana has vehemently denied these accusations, and accused Lea of making them up out of spite.

9. Adriana lives in Miami's Hibiscus Island, and her home has featured on the series. However, she and Frederic are currently building a boat that will serve as their home; an event that the series has been documenting. Adriana hasn't been overly excited about this prospect, and worries that her grand piano will not fit in the maritime mansion.

10. Following in the footsteps of frenemy Joanna Krupa, Adriana posed nude for PETA last year. The photoshoot saw her peeking out of a bathtub with her leg exposed, with the caption ‘Could you live in a bathtub for 40 years?' The campaign sought to bring awareness to the plight of an orca– Lolita–who has been held in the Miami Seaquarium for the last 40 years.