10 Things You Might Not Know About Lea Black

From Housewife feuds to age and wealth, find out more about the 'Mayor of Miami', Lea Black.

1. Lea Black is often called the Mayor of Miami. I have never heard anyone refer to her by this title; aside from herself of course.

2. All About The Real Housewives puts Lea Black's age at 57 in 2011, which would make her 63 now. While there has been no confirmation from Lea on her age, from the look of her husband and timeline of her career, the estimate probably isn't too far off. This makes her not only the oldest Miami Housewife, but also the oldest Housewife in any of the cities.

3. Lea is married to 70-year-old Roy Black, who is a defence attorney. Black has represented a number of high-profile clients, including Justin Bieber and Joe Francis, who appeared on The Real Housewives of Miami during season two and claimed to have slept with both Joanna and her sister Marta.

4. The couple met in an unusual situation. In the 90s, Lea was on the jury of the trial of William Kennedy Smith, who was accused of rape. The trial attracted a lot of media attention due to his membership of the Kennedy family, and Roy served as his attorney. Lea and Roy began dating shortly after the trial ended.

5. Lea and Roy have one son, a teenager named Roy (RJ). RJ is friends with Adriana's son Alex, and the two go to the same school. Lea also has a step-daughter, Nora, who is Roy's from a previous relationship.

6. Lea and Roy are said to have a fortune of over $100m. This makes her one of the wealthiest Housewives. Who is the wealthiest ever? That crown goes to former Beverly Hills wife Adrienne Maloof.

7. The Black's host an annual charity gala, with proceeds from the event going to a number of charities for at-risk youth. The gala has appeared on every season of Miami so far. During the first season, Larsa created controversy with Lea by bringing guests who had not been invited, as well as not paying for her own ticket, Lea retaliated by sending Larsa an invoice.

8. Lea has lost a number of friends during her time on the series. Marysol was once in charge of the PR for the Black's gala, but the two had a number of disagreements and are no longer friends. Marysol also harbours resentment towards Lea and accuses her of not reaching out to Mama Elsa during her bout of ill health. Lea and Adriana's once-close friendship also suffered a deterioration in front of our eyes on the show.

9. Lea doesn't mind talking about money. She constantly refers to the prices of things while on the show. During the season two reunion, Lea revealed that the earrings she was wearing were conservatively priced at $25m.

10. It is not known whether Lea will return for a possible fourth season of the show. It has been off air for over a year now and there has been no confirmation of a new instalment. Recently, Adriana, Marysol, Lisa, and Alexia were spotted out together, sparking rumours that Lea had been fired. Ultimately, it was confirmed that the show is not taping, and that the ladies are only going out together to create publicity.