Former Miami Housewives. Where Are They Now?

While we love the ladies of Miami, some of our favourites may have moved on. Here's what some of the departed ladies have been up to since they were not asked back on the show...

Larsa Pippen
Larsa was given her marching orders at the end of the first season for not bringing enough drama. As of this year, she still lives in Miami with her husband, professional basketball player Scottie Pippen, as well as their four young children. Pippen's young daughter Sophia has been doing some modelling work.

Larsa is very active on Twitter, and she maintains a lifestyle blog on her personal website; with recipes, workout routines and fashion tips. Larsa is very good friends with another reality TV star, Kim Kardashian. Recently, Larsa tweeted a happy birthday message to Mrs Kardashian-West.

Karent Sierra
Since leaving the series at the end of the second season, Karent has made a few television appearances; including a couple on The Real Housewives of Miami. She was also a guest on the daytime series The Doctors, during which she discussed dental health. Sierra remains close with a couple of her Miami co-stars, and was a guest at Joanna Krupa's wedding last year.

When Lady Gaga appeared on Andy Cohen's show Watch What Happens Live, she picked Karent as one of her favourite Real Housewives. Gaga said she admired the way Karent dealt with the negative attitude some of the other Wives had towards her. In other news, Karent's Miami home was foreclosed on. The mansion, which featured on Housewives, was sold by the bank last summer after Karent fell behind on her mortgage payments. Karent doesn't seem to be getting herself down about the news though; as one look at her Twitter account reveals that she loves to go out and have a good time. Especially if there are going to be cameras there ...

Ana Quincoces
After stepping down as a main housewife, Ana has continued her career as a lawyer and cookbook author. She recently released her own ‘Million Dollar Marinade', a cooking sauce and dip. She is currently writing a new cookbook aimed at making women feel “more comfortable” in the kitchen.

After the end of season three, Ana posted a scathing blog post in which she described the series as “unfortunate”. Ana said that she was happy to have been dropped from the series, and was glad to leave it behind her She also went after Lisa for supposedly saying inappropriate things about Cubans on the series. Most surprising, however, was Ana's take on Marysol's behaviour.

During the second season, Ana and Marysol were good friends. Ana even defended Marysol against the accusations made by the other Wives, especially Lea. However, Ana explains that she was “duped” by Marysol after considering her a close friends. She accused Marysol of being disloyal to her, as well as being desperate for attention. Apparently Marysol began sharing secrets about Ana to producers in the hopes of being upgraded to a full-time Housewife again.

I don't know about you, but I'd like to see a couple of these ladies back on the show. What do you think?