What To Expect on Real Housewives of Miami

An Old Face Returns; Others Don't
This year sees magazine publisher Alexia return to the fold. Alexia was one of the original Miami Housewives, but played a reduced role in the second season after her teenage son Frankie was in a car accident. Now that Frankie is in recovery, Alexia comes back to the group–and to the drama that comes with being a Housewife. I'm sure with her close relationships with Adriana and Marysol; she will be caught up in no time.

Alexia may be returning, but some of the season two ladies aren't so lucky. Ana and Marysol are not 'official' Housewives, but will continue to make regular appearances. Karent and that smile of hers, on the other hand, will only be seen once or twice. This isn't too shocking, judging by the reception she received from the ladies last season.

Sadly, Mama Elsa will not be making any more appearances due to her ill health. I'm sure you will all join me in hoping our favourite witch gets past this spell of ill health.

Bridal Bouts
Aren't weddings supposed to be a time of happiness, a chance to show your unconditional love for another person? No, silly: this is reality television. In Miami, a wedding is just a chance to prove that you can throw a better party than anyone else!

This season, Adriana and Joanna take their rivalry to new heights as they both plan their big day; Joanna to Romain and Adriana to Frederic. I suspect the pair's Bridezilla-esque antics to be must- see television. Once the weddings are over however, I hope the two women can put their differences aside and go on with their lives. Adriana can sail away with Frederic on that dilapidated boat he's building; and Joanna can go to the pharmacy to get Romain some Viagra.

Shifting Alliances
There has been one consistent friendship on the Real Housewives of Miami: Adriana and Lea. It is a bond that doesn't seem to be the most obvious–one is a fiery Brazilian art expert with a short temper, and the other is a conservative, self-aggrandising trophy wife. However, these two were each other's closest confidantes and biggest supporters. Well, not anymore.

After magazine reports surrounding Adriana's 'secret' marriage surfaced, Lea told Joanna that her Brazilian bestie betrayed her by not sharing this secret. Lea also felt duped by the fact that Adriana presented herself as a struggling single mother; when in fact Adriana was already married to Frederic. Lea isn't the only one who feels hurt; with Adriana expressing anger at Lea playing both sides of the fence in Adriana's confrontation with Joanna during season two.

Speaking of Joanna, she isn't exactly getting along with everyone this year. Judging by the preview at the end of the first episode, it looks like her and Lisa will have a few wars of their own. The two had previously been very close, with Joanna even asking Lisa to be one of her bridesmaids. However, tensions mount when Joanna discovers that her supposed ally is also part of Adriana's nuptials. It looks like it's going to be bridesmaid mayhem ...

Here's hoping all the ladies can work their differences out. Wait, who am I kidding? This is why we watch!