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10 Things You May Not Know About Melissa Gorga

Here's some things you may not know about New Jersey's resident singing Housewife ...

1. Melissa is 35, making her seven years younger than her sister-in-law Teresa. She is also the youngest member of the New Jersey cast, and the third youngest Housewife overall, behind Orange County's Lizzie and Miami's Lisa (who I originally thought was in her late forties).

2. Her father passed away in 1986. She has spoken candidly about her closeness with her dad, his infidelity, as well as the car accident that caused his death. Her mother and two sisters have appeared from time to time on the series.

3. She married Joe Gorga in 2005 after a short engagement. Joe's family were apprehensive to accept Melissa as Joe had been engaged twice before. Melissa and Teresa were closer in those days, with Teresa serving as one of Melissa's bridesmaids.

4. Joe and Melissa have three kids: Antonia, Gino, and Joey. Joey's christening was the site of the infamous fight between Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga at the beginning of season three. The children are close with their cousins, particularly Antonia and Teresa's daughter Milania.

5. Mrs Gorga is reported to make $250,000 per season. That's more than Dina ($100,000), Amber and the twins ($60,000 each), though not quite as much as Teresa Giudice's massive $700,000 pay packet. Melissa might want to think about flipping a table or two to increase her wages.

6. Melissa's net worth is listed at $-1.5 million online, due to the supposed debts incurred by her and Joe. However, this number is likely in the plus now after the sale of their house. Joe's new garbage recycling business must be bringing in the big bucks as well, as they wouldn't be building a new house from the ground up if they are in debt, right?

7. 2013 saw the release of Melissa's book. Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage is part memoir, part advice book. It chronicles Melissa's life as well as giving tips to keep a marriage hot once the honeymoon period is over. I'm not sure if she has any tips for getting Joe to stop calling his genitals "Tarzan".

8. She has released five singles in total: "On Display", "How Many Times", "Rockstar", "I Just Wanna", and "Never Let Me Go". However, she seems to be taking a bit of a break from storming the charts, as she hasn't released any tracks in a couple of years. Maybe she's going to go all Johnny Cash and perform to Teresa in prison, or is that just a fantasy of mine?

9. Melissa can add alcohol promoter to her long list of job titles. Since 2012, Melissa has been a spokesperson for Voli, a low calorie vodka marketed towards women. It seems to be all the rage for Housewives to market alcohol, as Kathy and Teresa have also been peddling booze. I suppose it's a welcome change from drinking it ...

10. Her most recent venture is in fashion design. It was announced earlier this year that Melissa will be designing her own collection of jewellery, for the Home Shopping Network. She described her pieces as "sexy and sophisticated" and they are all priced at under $100. Somehow I doubt Melissa would be happy if Joe spent that amount on her jewellery ...