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Real Housewives of New Jersey

A Jersey Fact File

Teresa G
Age: 42
Relationship status: Married to Joe
Kids: 4
Notes: The only original cast member still on the show, Teresa is the breakout star of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Over the last six years she has flipped a table, pushed Andy Cohen into his seat, and dealt out her fair share of low blows. This season will be a time of change for Teresa and her family, as her court case comes to a close. Both Teresa and Jo have pled guilty to a number of fraud charges, and they cautiously await their sentence. Good thing Teresa has her old friend Dina by her side.

Age: 35
Relationship status: Married to Joe
Kids: 3
Notes: Melissa has put her singing career on the back burner as she and Joe build their dream house. The family business is also going through some changes, which make Melissa nervous about maintaining their flashy lifestyle. After a few seasons of fighting with Teresa, the pair are closer than ever in the wake of Teresa's sentencing. Melissa and Joe provide support to Teresa in the most difficult time of her life.

Teresa A
Age: mid-40s
Relationship status: Married to Rino.
Kids: 2.
Notes: Teresa and Rino married young, but divorced after the birth of their children. The couple have since remarried. Rino owns a restaurant in New York, and Teresa is in charge of the interior decor. This season they intend to open another restaurant closer to their home, in order to get their young son, Giovanni, into the family business. Teresa is incredibly close with her twin sister, Nicole.

Age: mid-40s
Relationship status: Divorced; currently dating Bobby.
Kids: 2 (not part of the series).
Notes: Nicole has been divorced for several years, and has moved back in with her parents. She has been dating Bobby for over a year, but she doesn't know whether they are ready for a commitment. Along with sister Teresa, Nicole knows how to have a good time but can't seem to keep her composure when she is faced with a difficult situation.

Age: 43.
Relationship status: Separated from her husband Tommy.
Notes: Dina is known for her ‘zen' persona, but she has admitted that she has had her fair share of hairy moments. As an original cast member, Dina shares a strong bond with her close friend Teresa G, and has reservations about Melissa due to the difficulties she has had with Teresa. This season is all about moving on for Dina, as she decides whether to file for divorce from her husband, as well as saying goodbye to her daughter Lexi as she heads off to college. Dina also has to navigate the troubled waters of a family in crisis, as she no longer speaks to several of her siblings.

Age: 37
Relationship status: Married to Jim
Kids: 4
Notes: An old friend of Melissa's. Amber is a breast cancer survivor, and this season she approaches that all-important five year clear mark. Her husband Jim has his own mortgage bank, and Amber stars in all his adverts that they show on local TV. Amber begins as close friends with the twins, but things soon take a turn for the worse when the accusations start flying.