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Jacqueline's Return: Her Best Moments

Many of us thought that Jacqueline had followed her sister-in-law out the door at the end of season five, but she returned to our screens last week. With rumours that Dina Manzo refused to film with her, and Teresa's ongoing feud with anyone who isn't named Dina, Jacqueline's scenes will mostly involve interactions with another former Housewife–Kathy. To celebrate her triumphant return, here are some of the things we love and miss most about her...

Her honesty
It's practically a necessity for a Real Housewife to have some kind of plastic surgery, but it's uncommon for them to be as open about it as Jac is. As other frozen-faced Housewives deny they've had anything done, she is cracking jokes about the Botox-induced lack of expression on her face. During the show's fifth season, Jacqueline underwent a tummy tuck and a neck lift. Her family, particularly sister-in-law Caroline, were not thrilled about her decision and tried to convince her otherwise. Jacqueline ended up going through with the procedure and appeared to be happy with the results.

Her maternal instinct
In the first few seasons of the show, Jacqueline was overwhelmed by her daughter Ashley's numerous problems. Between seasons one and three, Ashley lost several jobs, got a tattoo against her mother's wishes, and pulled out Danielle's hair during the infamous Country Club Massacre. This led to Ashley being thrown out of her parent's house, after more than a few threats. She subsequently moved to California and–luckily for the family (and anyone who had to sit through her infuriating tantrums)–it seems to have helped her grow up. During Jacqueline's recovery from the aforementioned surgery, Ashley helped her mother and at times appeared more mature than Jacqueline herself.

Jac has also stepped up to the plate since her youngest son's diagnosis with autism in 2012. Jacqueline has become an advocate for parents of autistic children, speaking publicly about her struggles with Nicolas and his improvements have been chronicled on the series. A particularly heartfelt scene involved Nicholas saying "I love you" to his mother after regaining some of his speech.

Her aggression
After she didn't show up to the season three reunion, many suspected that Jacqueline was afraid to go up against Teresa Giudice, who is a formidable opponent for most people. However, Jac certainly proved them wrong by laying into her former bestie at every available opportunity. The fight reached its peak at the following reunion when, among other things, Jacqueline accused Teresa of orchestrating stripper-gate, hiring a writer for her blogs, and also brought up Joe's alleged infidelity. With all these digs flying, I don't think Jacqueline took a breath for that entire reunion.

Her playfulness
Nobody enjoys a good sexual innuendo quite like Jacqueline, and she frequently says things that make me both cringe and laugh at the same time. This seems to be a common reaction, as Caroline is often embarrassed by the things Jacqueline comes out with. Opposites attract, so I guess that's what makes the two so close. And plus, she brings some much-needed entertainment to a show that has been known to go to dark places