The Real Housewives of Sydney

The cast of the Real Housewives of Sydney

Athenax Levendi


Spiritual, eccentric and attractive; AthenaX is a painter, sculptor andjewellery designer. Australian born, she grew up in Athens only to return to Australia at the age of 20.

She is married to an Australian Greek jewellery designer, Panos, who owns and runs Levendi Jewellers. Together they raise three children in their beautiful Bellevue Hill home – teenage son Alexander, 16, and their younger children Pavlos, 12 and Myrella, 9 years-old.

When she is not holding solo exhibitions showcasing her paintings and sculptures, she can be found adding her creative input at Levendi Jewellers working alongside her brother-in-law Mike Levendi, as one of the designers.

Around three years ago AthenaX had a spiritual awakening after her mother passed away. As a result, she lives her life purely in the ‘now’ and will not look back or too far forward. She says she isn’t very sentimental as a result, and doesn’t keep too many photos or memories around her and her family home.

AthenaX has a very eclectic and unique taste in fashion and never dresses down, no matter what time of day.