Vanderpump Rules


We talk to Vanderpump Rules' Scheana

Scheana Marie Jancan hasn't had the easiest ride on Vanderpump Rules. She was bullied by Stassi and outcast by the SUR team just for being the new girl – not to mention her reputation as a marriage wrecker. But, she's turned all of that around, and – she tells us – she's not going anywhere.

How did you come to sign up for Vanderpump Rules?

I worked at Villa Blanca since we opened so I was there almost five years and then went over to SUR two or three years ago.

When they came up with the idea for the show did you jump at the chance?

No, quite the opposite, I wanted nothing to do with a reality show, I wanted to focus on my acting and other aspects of the industry. I was really against doing it at first as I didn't want to be known as a reality star trying to be an actor, or trying to be a singer. So I wasn't all about it until I sat down with the producers and they talked about what a career driven show it was and how it would focus on us following our own career paths to, and then I was really excited to do it.

A lot of what we've seen so far has been real nastiness between a lot of the girls and particularly towards you  - that must have been hard.

You haven't even seen the worst of it yet, it gets way crazier and way more intense. It was really hard for me.

Why is it so bitchy at SUR? Is it because it's on the show, in front of the cameras?

I think Stassi just naturally has a stick up her ass, everyone else, I don't know if it's like a competitive or jealousy thing, but it just seemed like a lot of the dynamics of the friendships were changing. But not because of the show, but because of how the relationships were naturally headed. I didn't expect it to be like this.

Has the show really changed your relationships in real life?

I don't want to blame the show and say that it caused it, but every single relationship from the beginning of episode one to the end of series two are completely different.

With reality TV we're used to seeing situations that have been manipulated or constructed by producers…

Ours is natural, that is the difference. It wasn't a casted show, these were real relationships that had already existed prior to the show. Everything that happens has naturally actually happened, it's not what the producers have told us to do. There is stuff all the time that we wish the cameras were there! We should have hidden cameras 24/7, it can be 3am and we're saying why aren't we filming right now.

What's Lisa like as a boss?

She's great. We all say this about her. She's not just a boss she's like a mother. I'm the only one who has family in LA and for everyone else she's a support system. If you're sick, going through a hard time or a break up, Lisa will be there and you feel comfortable talking to her. It's not a normal boss/employee relationship. It's a family.

We saw you on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills [Scheana had an affair with Brandi Glanville's husband Eddie Cibrian who is now married to Leann Rimes], what was the reaction you got from your appearances?

From that episode till now, a lot has changed. I think initially you just see me as a girl who had an affair with a married man, and everyone thinks I knew and was willing to go on with that relationship. The fact is it was 8 years ago that I had a relationship with him, no one knew who he was, he wasn't a famous actor who was on a TV show that I didn't watch. I didn't think to Google him, everyone in LA is an actor. He was the one who lied, and he was the one who cheated, I was single – I was 21 years old and I'd just moved to LA. He was the first person I met. You definitely see a change between Brandi and I, we go back and forth through seasons 1 and 2. People grew to love me more than hate me.

Do you get a good public response, or are people nasty to you because of what happened?

I think out of the whole cast, I do get the best response from people. Every single person I've met who's a fan of the show says they love me so I go with it.

Do you get loads of people turning up at the restaurant to be on the show and to meet you all?

Every single night, every single table. It's crazy. You have to be camera ready every single day as we're constantly posing for pictures with fans and meeting people. I do love it, without the fans we don't have a show. They get a live viewing of us at work, for 8 hours. We really do work there, people think we're casted actors, but I really do work there I have bills to pay. Just because I'm on a show doesn't mean I'm rich.

What are the best and worst things about working at SUR?

The best thing is the money and getting to meet the people who enjoy watching the show. The worst thing is working in the bar area on a Friday night and have people get drunk and poke you and take photos of you while you're trying to carry four martinis through the bar area. But the tips are definitely better since the show started!