Why men think we wear makeup VS why we actually wear makeup

Most women wear makeup; most men don't. It's not a rule, and the proportions are changing, but today, makeup is something that makes up the everyday routine of the average woman, to a greater or lesser extent – and something that routinely baffles men. “What is blusher?!” they cry. “Isn't primer something that a painter uses?” they whisper. “What's with all the facepaint?” they sob, gently, turning away in confusion and horror. 

When we're scared of something, we turn on it. Which is why those same men who peer in fear at a comprehensive red lipstick collection are the first to make comments when the women in their lives sport slap. It might be a sister, or a friend; it might be a stranger on the street – there's always something to say.  

This is what they believe about what moves women to paint themselves pretty. And then there's the truth…